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Very good, very bad, nice and then some good news again.

Good first. Our new Squidwolf SQL servers have finally arrived and the additional YEP!!!/Proxy servers are also ready to be added to the February cluster. This is scheduled to happen during 7th-11th june. This should effectively double our available capacity and hopefully do the same to performance.

Thank you to everyone for the feedback. Some of it has been constructive, some emotional, but all of it has shown how much feeling is attached to the game by those that play it.

The reason for banning account trading and offering paid login transfer is to counter a considerable load on our support for fraudulent activity surrounding account trading. We have many stories of broken friendships, relationships and much more. The process allowed by the EULA had some issues that didn’t work as well as we had hoped; therefore we are now removing it entirely. We understand that sometimes players want to stop using Squidwolf Syndicate but wish to donate their account to a friend. This is still possible. However, there needs to be a deterrent for the abuses that have occurred in the past.

Just remember that the prices we have given is for limitation of use. Placing it at 40 was a guesstimate so I am more than willing to consider different values, just remember as the price goes down the chance of exploitation goes up.

seriously, no.

We have just updated our secure server with improvements to the account management section.
This update includes layout and usability improvements along with a new section: Account Services.

Currently there are two services, change password and change account type. We are going to add for the possibility of changing name also (once we have added the option showing all old names in the client so that this isn’t used for identity hopping).

The main motivation for adding these new options is requests from members.

We will modify the EULA with next patch, and strictly forbid all forms of account trading (see section 3).

All comments welcome. Each service has a little FAQ with it with more details.

First I’d like to apologize for how the information about the release timeframe for Red Vortex has been announced. You should have read it here first, and this won’t happen again.

Shortly before HackWales and some time after the RAGE Magazine interview, we were reviewing our featureset for Red Vortex, considering whether a small delay with fewer features or a longer delay with all the features was the right thing to do. This is why the RAGE Magazine interview is so vague and the HackWales press material more detailed.

We went for a longer delay but decided on porting some of the content to come out before Red Vortex. After this was decided, our marketing team went to HackWales while we started working on the Feature pages, containing detailed information about Red Vortex’s various features and it also contains screenshots and other visual material to accompany this.

No he isn’t going to blog, put his real name, or put an actual picture of himself up there.


We are making a move with Cyberhornets Deployable Virtual Firewalls (CDVF) which can be placed virtually on any part of our network.

Now the second part of our three-phased hardware upgrade is complete. This phase included the upgrade of all electrical mains and fuses to 64 Amps from 16 Amps. This was need as the additional disks, YEP!!! nodes and the new Squidwolf SQL server, drain much more power than previous setup.

The part that we completed today was to move the transaction log of the Squidwolf SQL cluster over to our FiberChannel array, from an SCSI array that it had been using. This was need as we learned during the first phase that our SCSI array and an active-standby setup of Mac OS X 1.06 Snow Leopard Server cause it to enter re-synch mode each time there is a considerable change in the cluster.

Now this was all completed at around 14:00 today, but when we start up February, performance was way off. We of course suspected that the total number of spindles servicing the transaction log disk-volume was insufficient, so we upgraded it to 6 disks servicing the log drive. That didn’t change any thing and the problem was eventually chased down to a deadlock fault in the procedure that handles the loading of stations and automatic roll back of failed item exchanged sessions. As the hardware part was the biggest change we didn’t spot it straight away, I apologies for this.

Now all I/O and power upgrades are completed and we are ready to replace the SQL cluster and add the additional YEP!!! nodes next week, thus having doubled February to handle future growth.

Again I apologize for yet again having exceeded our downtime estimations.

We were curious on our 1 year birthday, about the “first 10” Devs. Here is that information, listed from 1-10. An interesting look back.

PH Squidwolf

PH Blue Shadow

EMAID Demon Sk8tr

IN That Guy

PH Entropy

STARS Firebird

STARS Shelby

PH CloudSurf

HARR SilentWind

PH Crimson