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The timeline for a full security overhaul is now up for your amusement following threats from some ancient enemies.

It turns out Apple shat all over our network with a poorly constructed patch so we had to do a rollback, urgh.

With more and more stories and storylines developing themselves into the community, we decided it was time for a better news portal and thus the launch of this new page.

Feast your eyes, post feedback.
For the news syndicaters out there, we have feeds too

It isn’t great at the moment but we have plans to massively improve it.

I spoke to some members of Polaris and apparently more of us are finally going to start blogging.

Welcome to Squidwolf Dev Blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Sometimes I feel it is just mostly me and occasionally Natori.

My mother went into labour this afternoon and brought home a baby sister for me this morning!!!!!

Thanks for all your kind wishes!!!

I started the day off with going through the latest defects assigned to the Release candidate where there was a defect that was critical I cancelled the patch deployment. Since we had such a long downtime planned, I decided we’d do the database preparations for the patch and some maintenance meaning when we deploy the patch we wouldn’t need 4 hours of downtime.

An hour into the downtime the critical defect was fixed and confirmed that it did in indeed fix it. Since the database preparation had started we could still hit this on schedule (albeit 30 mins late) so I gave patch deployment the green light again and summarily cancelled the cancellation of the patch.

Well, shortly after going up, we discovered that since the proposed missile changes has damage split in two attributes coinciding with a last minute update allowed the these attributes, and only one of them got out on February. But hey, we can’t have only one big bug. Nooooo. It’s a feature, not a bug. No wait, that was something else.

Well, since we couldn’t possibly only have TWO things going bonkers, we had to have a huge exploit there too. Yup. Big one. It’s fixed, don’t worry. Well, 1 hour to fix an big exploit, at least one good thing happened today. And that is where I am right now.

Well, there is one more thing. Some remain, but hey, progress is progress and the #1 bug in Squidwolf Syndicate will get squished. So help me Hazel.

Apple just released a security patch for that massive hole just discovered which means less work for me, I like this concept.

We have suspended the newsletter for now while we re-evaluate what we want to do with it.