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still not doing it!


I hate school work

Surface security

We may call you to verify your registration with our test server as it is on the internal Polaris network. Be prepared for a scary phone from meh!

Surface signup page opened

You can now activate your account on Surface, our test server by clicking “Activate”.

Accounts will be activated in batches over the next two weeks to better control the testing effort.

Check the linked page regularly for updates on the version that is running on Surface.

The Packet Sniffing Group Strikes Again!

The first batch of ping plots helped us find some possible problem spots on some of the backbones that lead into the Squidwolf Gaming Network. We are looking into those and we would really appreciate further assistance to analyze these specific spots.

Direct your Pingplotter towards, using a 15 second interval, about 250 times (about an hour) and include 250 samples in the statistics.

We closed it down last friday evening. Thank you again for your help!! (Occasionally open for debug purposes tho)

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