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Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum 1.0.2 is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, April 3. Downtime will begin at 13:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 14:30 UTC.

A variety of fixes for issues stemming from the Echoing Spectrum release will be released. The patch notes will be announced shortly.

Since the construction of the transitions is done, we figured we’d leak some details of what SquidPassport is.

SquidPassport is the next step in our authentication system towards SSO and will revolve around your email address.

Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum 1.0.1 has been deployed.

The patch addresses various issues in the Echoing Spectrum expansion. The patch notes are available here.

Echoing Spectrum 1.0.1 – Patch Notes

Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum 1.0.1


To be released Friday, March 30, 2012.


Squidwolf Collaboration

– Squidwolf Address Book has been disabled while we address various problems with push notification.

– Squidwolf Calendar no longer removes attachments from events.

– Squidwolf Calendar Sharing has been enabled and now works correctly with Linux clients.

Squidwolf Mail

– Issues with authenticating to the outgoing mail server have been resolved, all members are advised to switch the authentication method to CRAM-MD5 as this is the preferred method of logging in.

– Issues with mail not getting pushed to clients has been resolved.

– Issues with attachments being corrupted have been resolved.

Squidwolf Time Machine

– An issue with the Time Machine login system has been fixed.

– Fixed an issue where users could not been authenticated when connected to Squidwolf Wired.

– Backup folders can now be accessed through AFP.

– ‘Flight’ Server members were affected by an issue that caused their backup files to have their file extensions removed. This has been resolved.

Squidwolf Gaming Network

– The message on the front login screen had a picture of an Apple Pie on it, this has been removed.

Squidwolf IM

– Persistent chats now maintain fonts.

Squidwolf File Sharing

– Fixed an issue with the in-network chat.

Squidwolf Web Hosting

– On the welcome page on new accounts, ‘hosting’ is no longer misspelled.

– Fixed a WordPress menu for user accounts.

– Fixed a small error in number formatting in web files.

– Newly created WordPress accounts are not automatically CHMOD’d now.

Squidwolf Dev Blog

– has been re-activated due to some legacy WordPress RSS feeds not working correctly.

– now resolves to the Developer Blog Website and now back to the main site.

Squidwolf Community

– An issue with username formatting has been fixed.

– Website ticker showing hit counts now displays dialog correctly.

– Fixed the server location string for user accounts.


The following new systems have been activated.

– DarwinPorts

– MacPorts

– bzip2

– expat

– fontconfig

– freetype

– zlib

– libiconv

– gperf

– ghostscript

– autoconf

– help2mon

– gettext

– ncurses

– ncursesw

– p5.12-locale-gettext

– perl5.12

– gdbm

– m4

– perl15

– automake

– jbig2dec

– x2

– jpeg

– lcms2

– tiff

– libidn

– libpaper

– xorg

Squidwolf API

– Added Website logs to the API.

– Hit counts are now displayed correctly.

Squidwolf IM

– Join channel (when manually typing name) now correctly places you in a channel if it already exists.


– French translations are now active.

HazelRating System

– We are working on a new service to display member standings and changes to them.


– Fixed the menu at the bottom of WordPress installations.

– The formatting on feature emails has been made a little prettier.

– Fixed a bug that was blocking Japanese text in Emails.


‘Edge’ Server will be offline between 20:00 – 20:45 UTC while we fix some permissions issues on the Directory Database.

‘Edge’ Server will be online between 20:45 – 21:00 UTC and then will be offline for the scheduled network downtime.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience.

I think none of you reading this are likely to forget this easter weekend any time soon. Neither is anyone here at Project: Hazel. We would just like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make sure we don’t fuck up that badly ever again.

We will be having an Extended downtime on Friday, 30 March 2012 to address a number of issues introduced in Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum and re-activates Squidwolf Collaboration (Address Book) on the network.

Downtime will be 21:00 – 22:00 UTC during which time all services will be offline.

Squidwolf Syndicate: Echoing Spectrum has been deployed. The latest expansion to the network adds exciting new features to Squidwolf Syndicate, bringing Squidwolf File Sharing and Squidwolf Web Proxy out of BETA testing and onto the network for all members to use and enjoy.

For more information about the latest Squidwolf Syndicate expansion, please visit the Echoing Spectrum feature page. Full patch notes are available shortly.

Please note that you will be offered a client update to the Squidwolf Gaming Network once you patch which fixes several issues discovered during deployment.

The Squidwolf Syndicate forums are still offline due to database issues. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

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