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With less than an hour to go, we are on the doorstep of our latest major project. Squidwolf Magazine will serve as an alternative to boring ways of consuming media. We aim to make it fun with the addition of levelling, achievements, tasks, and challenges related to reading (and publishing) articles as well as interacting with the community.

Take part in the pre-launch discussion now!

A new vulnerability, GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235), has been discovered that affects certain Linux systems.

This exploit affects the ‘gethostbyname’ functions in the GNU C Library (glibc), which is a key component of all Linux systems. Because many software programs rely on these functions, Linux machines are vulnerable to this exploit, and a successful attack can gain complete control of the system without prior knowledge of logins or passwords.

To determine whether a server within your account is vulnerable, you should run the following commands from the commandline:

chmod +x ghost-checker

If your system returns with “VULNERABLE”, your system is vulnerable to GHOST.
To protect yourself from this vulnerability, you must patch your server. To do so, please run the appropriate command listed below:


sudo apt-get update; apt-get install --only-upgrade glibc*


sudo yum clean all; sudo yum update glibc

Once you have patched your system, you will need to reboot it. It is vitally important to reboot your server after you have run the commands. Until you reboot, your system will continue to use the old files, rather than your new, updated files.


Squidwolf Magazine launches at the end of the week and we have had a boatload of submissions. But it isn’t too late to submit yours!

Submissions closes on 29 January at 1930 GMT for this season, that doesn’t mean we won’t stop accepting submissions to the public but now that we have a list of writers (thank you all!) their submissions will be seen & reviewed first.

Click here to find out how you can join in.

We get paid for this, right?

Absolutely! This isn’t like a regular job, we share advertising revenue with our writers as and when it comes in.

Patch Notes for Confusion Illusion 1.0.3

2015-01-26 1730

Patch notes for Confusion Illusion 1.0.3, released 26 January 2015


  • We are changing the way the late fees are applied. Previously, a late fee would be applied to any invoice that is overdue by 7 days and would total a minimum of £7.00 or 4% of the total balance on the invoice. Now, there is no minimum fee and totals 3.75% of the total balance on the invoice.
  • All invalid item links on Hazel eXchange have been fixed, tested, tested again, and now work as intended.



  • WordPress hosting guide is now available.
  • eCommerce hosting guide is now available.
  • 1-click Install Apps guide is now available.

SSL Certificates

  • SquidHaven, our entry level SSL certificate, is now available!


  • A memory leak has been identified which was causing to respond slower than intended.

When was the last time you thought about changing stuff on your website, do you even know how to? The majority of cheap web designers don’t build people website that their client can change, we only build sites on top of a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, osCommerce, and others.

Its time to stop paying your web designer to add a new news bulletin or update the phone number, or buying expensive guides from Waterstones on how you can code with HTML and start logging in to your website’s backend.

Our simple process begins with this:

  1. We sit down with you and talk about your vision for your website, what you want it to do, branding, etc.
  2. Give us 5 days and we’ll come back to you with a design, all you have to do is give us a yay or nay!
  3. 14 Days after that, your site is ready for deployment. During this time you’ll be sending us all the stuff you want to go on your website.
  4. We’ll spend an afternoon with you teaching you how to use the WordPress dashboard.
  5. Your site is now ready to go!

Websites need the following things to work

  1. A website (obviously). This is the meat and potatoes of it.
  2. A web host. This is where your website lives on the internet.
  3. A domain name. Instead of remembering complicated numbers (IP addresses) the domain name system allows you to type to get to Google’s website.
  4. You. Nobody knows what you want better than yourself, which makes you the perfect person to look after your site. You just have to be willing to learn.

But I don’t know the first thing about websites! I only know that I need one!!

Every month we add £100’s of free helpful guides which you can download for free on how to get the most out of Squidwolf Hosting and Squidwolf Studios.

I’m still not sure!

Click here, fill in the form, and we’ll call you to have a chat.

That’s okay, but is there a discount?

There sure is! Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner use the offer code LOVE15 during checkout to get a massive 20% off your entire order!*

*Limited to one use per person, our prices are already amazing!

I’ve recently been following Rich Brooks on Twitter and he has discovered a cool Google Doc called Content Idea Generator which helps you think of blog topics to write about simply by scanning trending topics on the internet.

I’ve played around with it for a little while and its really easy to use, take a look!

Continuing in the ‘Sneak Peak’ fashion, here are a selection of some achievements which you can earn on Squidwolf Magazine.

This Time It’s Personal

Kill a member of the Editor Team on Squidwolf Minecraft.

Forum Addict

Complete the “Trendsetter” and “Opinionated” Challenges to get this achievement.


Login 10 times to Squidwolf Magazine.


That is 4+ nights in a row you’ve been on here! Submit a request for this Achievement if you think yourself worthy of such a prize!

Talked Out

Hold the #1 spot forum stats for 4+ weeks in a row to get this Achievement.


Post in the same forum 3+ days in a row to get this Achievement.

We have hidden most of the content but take a look at what Squidwolf Magazine is (sort of) going to look like. There’s only 9 days to go & there is a still a lot to do!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 21.20.10

Our latest major project is just around the corner! With nine days to go until launch, you still have time to submit your own content to be featured on the magazine!

What is Squidwolf Magazine

In short, its a Magazine for people find reading the new boring. We are aiming to turn reading the news and taking part into discussion into a fun and enjoyable game with real rewards.


We will (hopefully) be launching with a massive feature on Tolkien Month, focused in Lord of the Rings and the brilliant mind of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Alongside this amazing series, we will be reviewing Movies, Games, TV Shows, and Books to give you analysis of media that isn’t strangled by the formulaic review style of other media outlets.

We were born out of a love for technology so expect full-featured articles purely aimed at the world of technology and its ups and downs.


Every so often we will do a series of articles all about the same topic, aiming to cover all the angles. First up is Tolkien Month but you can expect more serious features in the weeks and months to come.


Squidwolf Magazine has its own forum and social network, separate from other areas of Squidwolf Syndicate. Here, our community members will earn points for reading (and creating) articles, commenting, sharing their opinions, and taking part in discussions.

You can also win achievements for completing challenges and tasks.


These can be redeemed with our carefully selected sponsors as well as redeeming them for hard-copy prints of the magazine (coming soon) and for our other services such as Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and for premium items on Squidwolf Minecraft.

How do I join in?


Wait patiently! If you really want to get ahead of everything else then you can start posting in this forum. The magazine is launching on 30th January 2015.


Register on and join this forum. You can send in your articles (they can literally be about anything!) by uploading them to your SquidDrive (found on your profile) or you can email them in to our Senior Editor at

Get paid! We share 70% of all Ad Revenue generated from our content with its author.

Edit: We are accepting email submissions now!

We are setting up an online magazine, to be launched at the end of the month. We are opening with… TOLKIEN MONTH!
What with the great Professor turning 124 earlier in the month and with the release of BOTFA in December, what better time to celebrate Middle Earth and all things Tolkien?!

SO! I am calling on you, the wonderful Tolkien fandom!

Let your love flow and write! Write about LOTR, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, reviews on the films, top 10 Legolas moments, even fanfic, gifs and other photo edits and artwork!
You will be published on the online magazine (great for any aspiring writers), plus a great number of people will be exposed to A) your wonderful words and B) your artwork!

You will also receive some monies in any ad revenue we generate on the articles!

We’re super excited about this, and we hope you will be too!

SO! Spread the word! Get involved and get writing!

Submit any original works to me on our main website!

But how do I do this?!

Easy, register yourself an account on
Then, go to your profile, click SquidDrive and upload your stuff (don’t worry, it won’t be public).


We are now accepting email submissions!

Send your articles, stories, artwork, and other cool Tolkien creations to: with “Tolkien” in the subject line.

Super excited to read what you all come up with! Good luck, gelu mellon!