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Hello all!

Elevator Sunshine is on the horizon and we are getting closer and closer to the final list of changes that will be popping up in March. But as usual, I get to talk about them all right here on the Dev Blog.

I want to get one misconception out of the way. This blog will concern you and everyone else. If you have been a member for a year, 6 years, 3 months or a week, you will want to read further than this. Chances are there will be changes that will affect you! Although Squidwolf Nest in it‘s very existence focuses on the new products & services and how they are introduced to Squidwolf Syndicate, this can have an effect on older members as well. Many believe that the new products extends only to those who use them. With some other companies, this might be true. But investing time into areas that YOU care about is why Squidwolf Nest is now a thing.

This is something we want to help with. Our goal is to ease new products into the network and not intimate you with massive changes to the way things are run.

New Products

At the moment we introduce new products around twice a year in the form of expansions. The chances are you are reading this by going to the Elevator Sunshine expansion page and clicking on the link to this blog post. This expansion is the largest we have done with 15 new features being added to Squidwolf Syndicate. But you won’t actually care or be interested in about a third of them.

This is exactly the function of Squidwolf Nest. It will allow you to vote and have your say in what you want improving, new products, and you can even get something done by using our feedback system and then other members can vote on it. If enough people vote then it will get included in the next expansion.

Have your say, no…really.

A lot of other companies though slogans around like “have your say” but most of us don’t bother because in reality it will never affect us. Squidwolf Nest is a product we are launching which will have a direct effect on the future development of products you already use, and new product launches in the future.

The Squidwolf Syndicate: Elevator Sunshine features page is live! Head there to check out the full features list.

We’ll be adding more to the page as time goes on, so check back in the weeks leading up to the launch of Elevator Sunshine on March 11th.

One of the biggest changes with regards to billing is the introduction of billing agreements. These eliminate the need to continuously login to Account Management if in a particular month there are charges which fall outside of your PayPal Subscription. Billing agreements automatically debit your account for all invoices as soon as they reach their due date. If you have credit in your account then Billing will automatically pay your invoices using your credit first. With this in mind, it means overpayments are a thing of the past. Previously if your invoice was for an amount smaller than what was setup with your PayPal subscription we would deposit any overpayments as credit.

We think this is a better alternative to the hassle of communicating with banks over Direct Debit. It also gives you greater control over what you are paying as your credit is your first method of payment. If your business takes payments using PayPal then this means your PayPal balance will pay your invoices before any interaction with your bank account is needed. And if you pay using cryptocurrency then this will be credit that is already in your Client Area.

Account Credit

Also known as Add Funds this is for times when you may wish to deposit money in advance. For example if you are about to place a number of orders, or you are going on holiday. Account Management allows for this using the Account Prefunding/Credit feature.


As you will be aware, members already get credits for any overpayments they make on invoices in Account Management. But with account prefunding you can make a payment for any amount you choose, at any time, which then adds to their credit balance so it can be applied to any invoices you receive from us.



  1. Login to Account Management.
  2. Then click the “Add Funds” link on the client area homepage.
  3. From there you can enter the amount you wish to deposit. We have a minimum deposit of £20 and a maximum deposit of £500.
  4. You can deposit funds using PayPal or by spending your cryptocurrency via the gateway.

Note: You cannot use the add funds until you have at least one active order. This is to prevent fraudulent use by requiring that the customer has both placed and had reviewed and accepted by a member of staff at least 1 order so they can’t just signup for your client and start adding funds immediately without any fraud checks having been performed.

If you make a payment in-person using our card payment terminals these are processed as Add Funds invoices.

Applying Credit to Invoices

Once you have added funds to your Account, if you place any new orders then the credit will be automatically applied to them if available and mark the invoices paid instantly and automatically on checkout.

But also if you have outstanding invoices, you can open those invoices via the client area and apply credit from your available balance to them from the invoice page itself. A red box will be displayed on the invoice showing the balance you have if you have credit and allowing you to quickly and easily apply credit to any of your outstanding invoices

If you deposit funds but do not pay your outstanding invoices we will manually apply your credit as soon as that invoice reaches the due date. In future, this will be done automatically.

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First a bit of background musing. One of the criticisms that have been levied against Squidwolf Syndicate is that we still don’t have a place you can go to find out about our design services. Indeed, from the very first moment you create an account with us, all of you have had the knowledge that we do these things. You even have a newly improved community area that will let you see who has benefited from this. And while there are still answers to be had, there exists at the back of many of our minds the nagging knowledge that it still doesn’t explain exactly what we do. This has been an underlying problem for us ever since we began.

Well we are going to change that. We are going to give you charted, comprehensive places to visit via a simple navigation structure. We are going to break down our websites into a simple set. You will have the chance to venture to places knowing that you will leave with the knowledge you wanted. We are going to establish exactly what sort of organisation we are.

Squidwolf  Studios brings us closer to our ultimate goal of making things simple for those who aren’t “internet people”. We started this last year with the introduction of a dedicated site for Squidwolf Hosting, we are now doing this again for our design services. Wherever you are on our network you will now be able to access anywhere else with a single click. Our last few patch days have been with an emphasis on the “Need For Speed” and we are continuing with this plan.

Websites have been our major design feature since we started on this journey so for the early days this is what Squidwolf Studios will be focusing on. But make no mistake that FlyingSquidwolf’s degree in Media Production and CameraMemories’ degree in Photography will not go to waste. Recently there has been an excitement surrounding new technology, particularly with our Hybrid Servers and we will continue to go down that path with Custom Technology services and iOS App Development. We have a lot of cool things lined up and there will all be making an appearance over the next twelve months.

Which begs the question of how you order these services. Well, we have recently revamped the Account Management system and added additional categories. A list of these is below:

  • Billing. For billing and payment enquiries.
  • Sales. Ask questions about purchasing new products & services.
  • Complaints. Not happy with us? Let is know why!
  • Tech Support. We are your pay-as-you-go IT Department! Ask us anything!
  • Customer Support. For support related to products or services you have purchased.
  • Feedback. Anything else? Anything else? Good or bad, let us know!
  • Squidwolf Studios. Design services Potion Forest. Web Development, Graphic Design, Media, and Technology.

The last department is where you will first make contact with Squidwolf Studios. You already use us for your hosting, IT support, and everything else so it makes sense to put it directly into Account Management which eliminates the need for email and immediately creates a record of the conversations between us and you.

Create a ticket and explain to us what you are looking for. We’ll send you a reply asking for more information and we will arrange a meeting either on Skype, FaceTime, or face-to-face.

The issue we have faced in the the past is the confusion with non tech-savvy members on where design services end, hosting begins, and what happens after a website development project is finished. Some of you have been confused on where additional charges begin, our new system eliminates the confusion and exactly what charges will be outlined from first contact.

Because we do so many different things we can understand why come of you may get confused. Our new four-corner strategy further simplifies our communications processes so you can get in, out, and back to work while we take care of the rest.

Account Management, Forums,, and other services will be unavailable on Wednesday 14 January 2015 from 1300 GMT for deployment of Confusion Illusion 1.0.2. During this time the majority of Squidwolf Syndicate products & services will be unavailable.

We expect all systems to be back up & running by 1500 the same day.

This downtime does not affect Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Servers, Cloud Services, or Domain Services.

Please leave your feedback in this forum thread. Patch Notes are available here.

MagPoints (Virtual Currency)

What are MagPoints?
A MagPoint (Mp) is an item that adds value to your Squidwolf Magazine profile. It can be converted from any Fiat currency and, like any other item; it can be traded with other readers or used to purchase access to premium areas of the magazine.

Why use MagPoints?
MagPoints offers an alternative way for readers to pay for their subscription without the use of our more conventional payment methods. Using MagPoints, readers can earn access simply by reading and interacting with the site.

MagPoints can be used by readers regardless of the type of account they have. When you spend MagPoints, the extra value is added to the author’s profile immediately. In this respect, MagPoints works exactly like prepaid subscription codes.

  • You earn MagPoints every time you log in to Squidwolf Magazine.
  • You earn MagPoints for completing tasks, challenges, and earning achievements on Squidwolf Magazine.
  • MagPoints can be traded between readers or spent to access premium areas of the magazine.
  • Authors can sell their MagPoints for real money.

What else are MagPoints used for?

  • Readers will be able to purchase goods and services from our Affiliates.
  • Readers will be able to spend them on Advertising Space.
  • Readers will be able to buy physical issues of Squidwolf Magazine. (coming soon)

Obtaining MagPoints via purchasing:
The following instructions are for players with full accounts that wish to purchase MagPoints directly from Potion Forest using your profile page:

  1. Log into Squidwolf Magazine.
  2. Hover over the “Services” drop down tab.
  3. Select “Buy MagPoints”.
  4. Select the amount of Mp you wish to purchase via the drop down menu.
  5. Enter your payment information.
    You’ll be able to purchase MagPoints via PayPal or coinpayments (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).

NOTE: MagPoints purchases may have up to a hour delay before they are placed into your redeeming system; even after this hour delay some readers find that they need to logout prior to them showing up.

Useful information on MagPoints:

  • 1 Mp is worth £0.01
  • A typical premium article will costs 80Mp to read.
  • The “check out” conversion rate is 70%. So for every £1.00 you receive in MagPoints you will be able to earn £0.70 of it in traditional money.

Those interested in purchasing packages containing 5,000 or more MagPoints may email us at

Selling your MagPoints to get traditional money:
If you have an account that is disabled and a PLEX in the redeeming system you are able to use that PLEX to reactivate your account.

  1. Log into Squidwolf Magazine.
  2. Select “withdraw” from the top menu.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Select the Currency you wish to withdraw to.
  5. Enter the recipient address (or wallet address if you are requesting Cryptocurrency).
  6. Confirm and submit.

MagPoints Rules:

  • MagPoints can be traded between readers of the magazine, this is subject to a transaction tax of 4%.
  • MagPoints come with no warranty, if you violate our Network Policies you may lose your MagPoints.

As with any policy, these rules and guidelines are subject to change if deemed necessary.

Patch Notes for Confusion Illusion 1.0.5

2015-02-04 2337

Patch notes for Confusion Illusion 1.0.5, released 26 February 2015



  • MagPoints allow readers of Squidwolf Magazine to take advantage of special offers made available by Potion Forest LLP and affiliated companies. In this release, the MagPoints system will allow for access to Squidwolf Money articles which provide tips and stories related to Stock Trading and Investment. More information about the use of MagPoints can be found here.


  • Broken Pumpkin Mall links on the “Ground Floor” have been fixed.
  • Broken Pumpkin Mall links on the “1st Floor” have been fixed.
  • Echelon Stores: General Supplies (Field Marshall) have been updated.

Squidwolf Syndicate: Confusion Illusion 1.0.4 has been deployed across the network.

Patch notes are available here.