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Back when we first got started in 2009, it has always been our ambition to eventually move into the broadband space. We are announcing here today that we are actively working on this goal, but it is early steps.

We know some of you will support us until the ends of the Earth, and we love you for that. But we need to know if the demand and desire is there for us to work on this super awesome project.

What is the plan?

We want to hear your thoughts! For those of you who follow Flying Squidwolf on various websites will probably know he has been talking about this project and posting what ideas are already here, thats where you come in.

  • 50Mb broadband
  • 1 month rolling contract
  • Fibre
  • £30 a month

This is our idea so far, we have other cool ideas like Static IP addresses and other packages but we still need to figure out how many of you would be interested in it.

Squidwolf Internet

We want to know what you think.

Nothing creepy, we won’t spam you. We just want to know what to call you if we get in touch (with your permission, of course).

We ask for your postcode so we can figure out whereabouts demand for our super-awesome broadband is, we won’t provide it to any third-party.

Now we are getting to the serious questions

Another serious question

Tick all that apply

Crucial question, eh.


Think long & hard on this one, you could have an impact on the service we offer.

We won’t spam you to death, promise.

We have nothing against you robot people, its just that sometimes you get abused & used as spam machines.


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