We’re Upgrading Our Servers

We are always making an effort to evolve which comes with the promise to continuously improve our services. We’re delighted to confirm that we have have begun our upgrades to our Shared Hosting services.

Almost half of our web servers and NAS drives are being replaced to increase server power without increasing the number of sites per server. We’re also adding a boatload of new database servers, ensuring that each server only serves two server clusters instead of the current three. This means that each database server will contain fewer databases, reducing the possibility for websites to impact the performance of others.

We are also adding SSD as caches for both our NAS drives and web servers for even faster response times and performance.

About Dominic Adamson

Hi, I'm Dom. I'm 25 years old and I live in Manchester where I make films, drink rum, and fly internet spaceships.


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