Overlapping Particles 1.1.2

Patch Notes for Overlapping Particles 1.1.2

26 September 2014 at 1200 GMT

Overlapping Particles 1.1.2: Patch Notes, released 25 September 2014


  • Stargate-cleanup has been activated and will go live after downtime on 26 September.
    In Overlapping Particles 1.1 we deployed the stargate-cleanup program whereby we simplified stargate address to materials which are easier to obtain such as clay blocks and wool. Another part of this program is that you can activate stargates from the HazelStore and a new area known as Interstellar Control will be debuted so you can spend your HazelCredit on making a connection to worlds you haven’t been to before.For more information on this feature, please read this Dev Blog.
  • Limited Creative mode has been reintroduced at the Hazel Tower.

Features & Changes


  • Squidwolf Server Network has been updated to Mac OS X 10.9.5 + OS X Server 3.2.1.
  • The old Squidwolf Store URL has been repurposed and will now redirect to backstory page.

Hazel Tower

  • Limited Creative (6 hours) is now on sale for 250 Hc.


  • Stargate activations are now on sale for the following gates:
    • At
    • Ender
    • Polaris
    • Edge
    • Flight
    • Home
    • Heart
    • Sirius
    • Detect
    • Star
    • Fruit
    • Magic
    • Time
    • Notchlantis
  • Gate activations cost £0.69 and have a 60 minute cool down timer.

Experience & Levelling

  • Due to issues with our new levelling system we have returned to the old exp system. As a result exp is not paid out for Wither once again.

Account Management

  • Any unpaid invoices will automatically have available credit applied to them.
  • Payment gateways now feature a picture instead of text.


  • We have added the ability to easily identify aggressive players on the map. Players are divided into three types which are Peaceful, Suspects, and Criminals.
    • Peaceful Players (White) – Do not lose exp on death, do not lose armour, keep 95% of their inventory upon death.
    • Suspect Players (Purple) – Lose all exp on death, lose all armour, lose everything in their inventory.
    • Criminal Players (Red) – Same as Suspects with added effects: Slow, slowdigg, weakness.
  • The following system is only applicable in the core worlds (Edge, Flight, February, Sky, Hurricane, Alive, Surface, Movement).



  • Case #2624 – Correct Project Management Task links in Calendar
  • Case #2625 – Prevent next due date showing in emails for One Time and Free cycles
  • Case #2643 – Remove End-of-Life Google Checkout Gateway
  • Case #2686 – Ensure accented chars are not encoded when editing email templates
  • Case #2691 – Refresh config options pricing on cycle changes in ajax order forms
  • Case #2792 – Allow users to press enter to submit forms with configurable options
  • Case #2875 – Allow domain validation hooks to run using Ajax Order templates
  • Case #2888 – Improve logic around session persistence
  • Case #3049 – Only show default language categories in insert knowledgebase link popup
  • Case #3173 – Correct pricing display on comparison template only showing Monthly
  • Case #3209 – Add Domain Transfer Completed Email Template
  • Case #3242 – Allow existing IDN domains to be managed through LogicBoxes modules
  • Case #3244 – Require Unique Transaction ID when adding manual payment
  • Case #3267 – Correct Total Recurring showing for One Time addons on Comparison Template
  • Case #3548 – Fix date period shown on initial anniversary prorata invoices
  • Case #4025 – Ensure setup fee cannot be less than zero
  • Case #4208 – Fix intelligent search not working on Client Billable Items in Admin
  • Case #4210 – Mass Pay Invoices to ignore Separate Invoices configuration
  • Case #4322 – Show Success on Admin Contact Details Editing
  • Case #4325 – Update Late Fees to apply on the day not the day after
  • Case #4338 – Correct and Translate Credit Messages on Invoice in Admin Area
  • Case #4377 – Correct affiliate not shown when referral removed on first product
  • Case #4382 – Process Paid Invoice when adding Transaction from Billing menu
  • Case #4441 – Implement support for addon related merge fields in Mass Mailer
  • Case #4689 – Save affiliate checkbox setting when adding a new contact
  • Case #4690 – Remove Reset and Send Password link when subaccount not enabled
  • Case #4708 – Configurable Options Unlimited Setting Invalid with Minimum
  • Case #4718 – Invoice now always respects admin choice of gateway for display
  • Case #4721 – Remove pricing slabs when deleting client groups
  • Case #4730 – Remove pricing data when deleting a TLD
  • Case #4840 – Redirect to invoice on no payment gateway redirect
  • Case #4911 – Remove hardcoded subject in view email client template
  • Case #4917 – Fix bundle product links in boxes order form template
  • Case #4957 – Remove superflouous div tag in password reset validation page
  • Case #4966 – Remove references to chmod from installer errors
  • Case #4979 – Modify default invoice sorting to status desc. then due date asc.
  • Case #5058 – Add domain addons to Bulk Pricing Updater domains update criteria
  • Case #5058 – Add support for relative price increases to Bulk Pricing Updater
  • Case #5058 – Redesign and ajaxify Bulk Pricing Update Tool
  • Case #5077 – Perform Two-Factor Auth prior to re-hash check
  • Case #5079 – Handle quote characters in charts data appropriately for PHP 5.2
  • Case #5083 – Notify admins upon detection of admin directory configuration issue
  • Case #5096 – Update whois server for .ws TLDs
  • Case #5099 – Ensure Bulk WHOIS Update passes phone number on save
  • Case #5100 – Update change license key page to use new admin auth class
  • Case #5128 – Fix server connection test for existing servers


  • Case #2678 – OpenSRS: Send 0 year transfer period for .ES domains
  • Case #2716 – Enom: Improve error detection and handling
  • Case #3094 – Project Management: Allow removal of client association
  • Case #3095 – OVH: Correct legal type sent for admin contacts
  • Case #3443 – DirectAdmin: Update to obtain Reseller Usage Statistics
  • Case #3514 – PayPal Pro Reference Payments: Update reference after each success
  • Case #3695 – MaxMind: Improve error handling
  • Case #3976 – Optimal Payments: Improvements to 3D Secure logic handling
  • Case #4093 – WorldPay: Update test mode URL
  • Case #4321 – Enom: Improve error reporting upon invalid WHOIS contact info
  • Case #4386 – Boleto: Ensure all filates use the utf-8 encoding charset
  • Case #4720 – ResellerClub: Update privacy protection to use purchase-privacy parameter
  • Case #5054 – ResellerClub: Auto renew ID protection with domain if enabled
  • Case #5054 – ResellerClub: Update ID Protect toggle to use new purchase parameter
  • Case #5180 – PayPal: Add User Agent to PayPal callback requests


  • Case #3369 – CreateInvoice: Log auto credit application at time of creation
  • Case #4451 – SendEmail: Improve error reporting
  • Case #5094 – Add toggle setting for API Authentication logging to Admin Log
  • Case #5153 – UpdateClient: Prevent fatal error on clearing credit card

Exploit Fixes

  • Several exploit issues have been fixed, making our network a better place to live.

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