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If for some reason the service or product you ordered becomes unavailable when it’s time to ship, we’ll send you an email to let you know. You can cancel your order, pick something else, or have your order shipped at a later date.

Pricing and Taxes

All prices are in British Pounds Sterling. For Store purchases, VAT is calculated at checkout based on your shipping address. For service charges, VAT is calculated at checkout. Prices displayed on our website do not include VAT.

Making changes to your order

No problem. Have your web order confirmation number handy and give us a shout on 0161 399 0004. You can find this number on the order confirmation email that is sent to you when you order your service.

Payment Methods

All purchases from us are processed securely via PayPal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Just to let you know

  • We may perform a credit check on you when you order a recurring plan from us for the first time.
  • Fraud checks are carried out automatically by PayPal on our behalf when you make a payment to minimise our risk of chargebacks.
  • Make sure your PayPal account is in good standing as we change your account a temporary £1 authorisation fee. This applies even on our free products.
  • If you don’t want to go through a credit check you can choose a Prepaid plan (coming soon).

If you choose a Prepaid plan

All telecommunications purchases are a one-time charge to your PayPal account. We may ask for a larger security deposit than normal. No credit check is needed.


Protecting your privacy

We use cookies to make shopping online fast and easy. Cookies are tiny files stored on your computer that contain a unique code that helps to:

  • Save your shopping basket for up to 180 days and find it again whenever you visit
  • Save your language and province settings


Info you give to Squidwolf when you’re buying online, including cookies, is 100% secure and won’t be shared with any outside firms, under any circumstances, without your permission.

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We take your security seriously

That’s why we don’t store any of your payment information, that is all handled by PayPal.