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Patch notes for Overlapping Particles 1.1.1

Patch to be deployed between 1830 and 2359 GMT on 15 September 2014.


  • A Hazel Tower has been added to Fallside (Flight).
  • All Stargates have been redesigned with Bedrock making them indestructible.
  • All Stargate address have been made public on the Squidwolf Minecraft website.


World Shaping

  • A Hazel Tower has been added to Colossus Valley (Edge).
  • A Market has been added to Fallside (Flight).
  • A Dragon port has been added to Colossus Valley (Edge) along with an additional terminal in Pumpkin Mall (Edge).



  • A Minecraft forums has been added.

  • Shop has been removed.



  • Issues with some mobs dropping exp have been resolved.

Account Management

  • Minimum deposit amount has been increased to ¬£20.00
  • We now accept Litecoin as a method of payment.
  • Demos of popular Squidwolf Hosting products are now available.
  • Threshold for withdrawing affiliate payments has been lowered to ¬£80.00
  • Cloud Hosting documentation is now available.

Squidwolf Voice

  • A Magazine channel has been created.
  • A Nest channel has been created.
  • A Hosting channel has been created.


  • Added a missing German translation when an Account Holder tried to create a new sub-account.
  • Corrected some Italian translations.


  • Links to services not currently available have been removed.