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Hey everyone! This is FlyingSquidwolf. I do not get to do many of these as most of my job revolves around the things front & centre, but I reckon there might be a second one someday. As Potion Forest grows in size more and more people with database experience are drafted into our ranks and my focus thus shifts elsewhere where it is required. Currently it is shifting towards announcing one of the features in the upcoming Overlapping Particles 1.2 update. The cleanup of stargate addresses!

The How

The functionality itself depends on two things, the HazelStore and the HazelCredit system.

Generic Gameplay

With Overlapping Particles we made it possible for you to acquire HazelCredit using standard gameplay mechanics. If you don’t already know you can now trade Lapis Lazuli Blocks for HazelCredit at Hazel Towers across the game world. We want you to explore the other worlds on Squidwolf Minecraft and we know that getting to some of these worlds just isn’t practical for most players.

Stargate Addresses

All Stargate addresses will now use a combination of just two block types, these are Clay Block and Wool. We are doing this because when we first introduced the gate system some of the gate addresses had ridiculous gate addresses which incorporate End Stone, Sponge, and other hard-to-get materials. The rebalancing of stargate addresses opens up the possibility for all players to travel among the stars to worlds which other players haven’t been to before. There will still be 38 different address “symbols” which you must decipher but we have massively narrowed down the scope of what they could be with this rebalancing update. Further down the line we will be seeding books which contain gate addresses onto the store.

Interstellar Control

Beginning with Confusion Illusion we will be adding a new building type to the core worlds of Squidwolf Minecraft. The Interstellar Control Room (ICR) will give you the ability to purchase a gate activation with your HazelCredit. The price point for this ability has not yet been decided but we are focusing on adding more value and power to the HazelCredit system over lowering prices for in-game items. This and the ability to manufacture HazelCredit yourself enriches the premium currency system in the game.


For those who are even lazier can use their real world money to activate stargates anywhere in the game. Each gate activation is the same as they are in the game and will cost £0.69 per activation. There is a 60 minute cool down timer between your next purchased gate activation.

Please be aware that there may be a chance your requested gate activation may fail if your chosen coordinates are already engaged, this encourages players to actually be at their chosen stargate rather than bashing buttons in a random fashion.