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We have been hearing reports that since our deployment of the unassigned patch, some members have been unable to authenticate into their mail accounts via Thunderbird.

We have been unable to replicate this under testing conditions so we ask those who are affected by this to leave a comment below and we will give you a phone call.

We have released an unassigned patch to the network for last minute preparation for the release of the Blue Light expansion.

During the championship finals, a group of players volunteered to assist Project: Hazel in video recording and editing the event. Seven cameramen/women logged in and recorded with either Fraps or their own cameras and rigs. Two of the matches have now been placed online. We are grateful for the effort of these guys and hope we will see more of this in the future.

The videos

We are thinking of adding a “self-destruct” option for accounts. In all the cases we have heard, it is used as a last resort option for highly-sensitive materials on services run by RAGE Hackerboard. What do you guys think?

We are building a database of screenshots of all of the services both Project: Hazel and Squidwolf Syndicate provide. Email us a screenshot of you using our services and you will be credited if we use it!

Floating Channels hot fix patch 0.0.9:08 ALPHA is ready and fully tested.

The patch notes for this patch

Previously we had a system where if you were a member of Project: Hazel you could simply send us a thumbprint and that would grant you access to February, the Headquarters at Project: Hazel.

We did this to add a human touch to our organisation allowing everyone to just drop in for a chat with the Devs whenever they wanted (except at night, obviously). Some of you did this but then it seemed that ALL of you were doing it and so many of you wanted to come & say hi that we never got any work done!

It was a nice experience and overall experience but we are sorry to say that you must now either be a member of Sirius or Polaris to get in.


We have made a beautiful A2-sized map of the whole of Project: Hazel available in a limited edition run of 100 units priced at $19.95 CAD each.

Get them before they are all gone!

Before we released Squidwolf Syndicate in May this year, we had been developing it under what is referred to as Staged Delivery Approach, covered, for example, in Steve McConnell’s excellent book Software Project Survival Guide. During the last months before release and the first months after release we were in the mode of fixing existing immediate bugs/usability and performance issues, so the last delivery, 6.7, dragged out.

The fact that we hadn’t split up the development tracks, into a current and a next stage, has made it a bit difficult for us to fix little bugs/usability issues. This has become even more evident now that we are preparing for the SSL release.

We have now done the work required to split up development into 2 tracks (deliveries), 6.7 and Floating Channels. 6.7 is the track that ended with build 1238, having that in a branch separate from Floating Channels (SSL), allows us to fix some of the more annoying issues with that track, without being interrupted with the much larger changes going on in Floating Channels. We are now doing that and are in the process of testing the fixes, so expect a bug fix and usability patch this week (if you have favourite, minor, bugs/usability issues with 1238 then feel free to post them here and we’ll see about adding them to the next hot-fix patch to 6.7).