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We knew that as soon as we opened pre-registration for full accounts we would expect a large surplus of new accounts and that would hit the expected network cap but we didn’t expect that to happen in one night.

Red Vortex is the name of the expansion which will take us out of BETA and it has a network population cap of 50 members, we just hit it in less than 24 hours!

We are working on expanding the HazelStandings system to allow individual members to rate others which will organically affect that person’s rating by Project: Hazel.

We are getting a constant stream of community created videos into

This is of course excellent and I thank you for all the material. We have been sent so much, that we can’t list it all, it is just too much. Because of this I want to suggest some guidelines regarding direction/editing of Squidwolf Videos.

  1. Longer is not better
    This applies doubly to cuts, if you look at music videos or advertisements you notice just how short the cuts are we have grown accustomed to. This applies to total video length also, longer clips soon start to repeat themselves unless they have a big story to tell.
  2. Try to tell a story
    Even though it is obvious to you what is happening in the video it is not always so to the rest of the world. Story driven text overlays or silent movie style text billboards between cuts work wonders for telling a story. Voiceover (movie trailer style) also achieves this but is of course difficult to produce.
  3. Matching visual events to aural
    If you are engaged in something awesome, try to match that with music.
  4. Cyber battles
    It is always interesting to me to see large Cyber battles, as that is Project: Hazel’s history.
    If you watch movies like Braveheart, Gladiator, LOTR, etc. there is little time spend on wide battle overview shots, the focus is much more on the personal aspect, the hero, the villain and how they do in the combat.

This is just what I have observed when watching at the submissions. I of course have no special experience/education in movie making, so take this with a grain of salt. If you have more golden rules of movie making, please post them as comments.
We have also received submissions that are excellent regardless of adhering to any “rules of movie making” so conforming is not always the way to success..

Our new standings system allows us to set our public opinion of individuals, organisations, and other entities. This can help our members decide if they trust someone based on how Project: Hazel feels about them.

We have added a little awards section. We have received notifications of more awards, that are not published yet and will update the page as they get announced.

Thanks to the authors for giving us permission to host them. Check it out.

This Sunday we peaked at 24 simultaneous connections.

We like how they categorize the rating and of course we agree with 10.0 for Ambition but would you really rate Squidwolf Syndicate as 6.9 for functionality?

I have received these video files through unofficial channels. I would very much like to get in touch with the people who made them (as they are friggin awsome 🙂 ), if you are reading this blog, please drop a line to

You, the members, sure have struck the note for 2011, by gathering to February in greater numbers at the same time since 2010.08.31. Yes 24 simultaneous members is more than a 4 month high.
And this is after the end of the “back to Squidwolf Syndicate” promo that was run for the 10 last days of 2010.

With this keeping up, together we will claim the world record for most members in the same world in no time at all