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We stumbled on a easy way to do SMS notifications from Project: Hazel in co-operation with our RAGE and another partner who wishes to remain anonymous.

What this mean is that you could get SMS notifications for various events from us such as when patch days are about to happen, technical problems, or when you receive an email when you are away from your computer.

Now before we start doing any actual development around this I would like to know if anyone would be interested in this. We would have to charge extra for this, as we need to pay for the SMS delivery, so we would charge this as a extra service.

So if you are interested, please let us know.

The mass exodus of Cyberhornets Forums is finished and all content on there has been archived. After eight years we are closing it down and yes we are very sad about it.

Where were you when the mass migration occurred?

STARS is now an official division of Project: Hazel, we are watching you!



This is a friendly plea to thread owners on Cyberhornets Forums. As you might have noticed we have a high influx of new board users this weekend and it is expected to continue over the next few weeks.

We have made it impossible to attach files to new thread for the time being to preserve resources for standard forum use. We will also be deleting all attachments across the entire forum.

So please delete your attachments voluntarily, I hate for you to loose your files in the commotion.

It is so rainy outside my house right now, I thought I would share that.

🙂 x

We have been experimenting with releasing our own quarterly magazine, what do you guys think?

As our excellent server monitor was down this evening I though I’d let you know that we upped the record a little bit this evening.

Most of you probably know this already but now we have a Squidwolf Store.

Among the goods sold there are nice fun toys.

This is too funny!

An open letter to Project: Hazel

At today’s downtime we installed on February a performance optimisation that was planned as a part of the upcoming patch.

We opted for installing it now instead of tomorrow with the rest of the patch, to get a good feel for the performance increase this particular improvement would yield.

The results have been staggering we are seeing a solid 10% improvement across the board and select nodes show up to 30% performance increase.