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Most of us are already well aware that PH Squidwolf has finally managed to rid himself of his overly paranoid (and frankly, not that attractive) girlfriend but he will still be feeling pretty down about it.

So on that note you can leave your comments of either congratulations or condolences on this blog post.

We have increased the amount of “points” an email needs to receive before it is considered spam. This is in response to our Spam Filters being way to paranoid on what is or isn’t spam.

Hello everyone!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Hang on, it was only the worst of times!

Reporting from underneath Mt. Doom, which is the only thing you can call our queue these days, this is HARR Megawatt Donut. The incident line is now up to 4000, that’s four thousand waiting cases and all must be and will be answered by us. I can’t believe I wrote that.

We do have a lot of new members with us since the last time we faced a crisis here at HARR and we have a lot of new issues in the wake of Red Vortex. There are a few things that everyone should keep in mind when submitting incidents, new member or not. Your help and cooperation can be instrumental in getting through this rather big hurdle we have before us and getting back to normal service standards. I’d like to ask you to consider the following points, before submitting petitions and throughout the entire petition process.

1. Do not send multiple emails or petition about the same issue. 

Doing this slows down the service for everyone, even yourself. Please note that you can log into the support site and track the progress of your incident through the “My Questions” link.

You can also update the incident with new information as the case progresses, so you should never have to file more than once about any issue. If your issue has been resolved since you sent us your petition, please cancel it.

2. Do not send us general comments and questions about Red Vortex. 

Most general information can be found in the user manual, the wiki or forums . At this time, we have to focus on issues and can not engage in debates about whether the new look is better or worse than it used to be or other subjective issues. Some bugs are of such a nature that the HARR team can only report them and wait for a resolution. If you encounter a bug, please consider filing a bug report , to help us isolate and eliminate it.

3. Do not expect us to engage in lengthy explanations of our actions. 

We work by simple rules and all HARR members base their decisions on the same set of rules. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive, you can appeal to Polaris, but as Polaris works under the same rules as the everyone else, the chance of getting a different answer are slim.

In light of the circumstances, all appealed cases are on indefinite hold until the situation has returned to what passes for normal around here.

We want to stress that we intend to answer all claims, one way or another. You may at some point receive a mail asking you to refile your claim, if it is still relevant. That is nothing personal, but simply something we do when an issue has been solved serverside or otherwise judged not to need our attention.

Finally, the auto-answers, which irritate many, are sent out to reassure players that their issue is still in our queue, as well as to provide links to possible solutions. The alternative, silence, proved to be even more of a problem, so we’ll have to ask you to bear with the automated mails for the time being.

All the best, HARR Megawatt Donut