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Normal service is resumed, all accounts have been re-enabled

Spamhaus is currently suffering the biggest DDoS attack in the history of the internet thanks to their dick move to block the whole of Cyberbunker. Anyone who knows anything about the shady underground internet will know that Cyberbunker is the place to turn to if you want something hosted discretely and with no questions asked. Spamhaus is the largest Spam DBL (Domain Blacklist) on the internet and handles blocks for most of the top players online, they have decently added the entire Cyberbunker IP block to their DBL knocking off hundreds of thousands of websites. Basically if your shit is with Cyberbunker then you’ll be unable to send email to anyone outside of Cyberbunker’s IPs (except us, we hate Spamhaus and find the whole thing hilarious).

Spamhaus has 300 billion bits-per-second of good old-fashioned DDoS being fired at their doors at the moment and as a result it has had a considerable impact on the performance of the internet as a whole, particularly in the European and UK regions. As a precaution we have decided to enable ‘Blue Lockdown’. This means that anyone who doesn’t have a Premium or Polaris account with us then you won’t be able to log in until further notice. This is to stem the flow of traffic to the Squidwolf Server Network.

Your email and other things are still running fine in the background it just means that you can’t access or change anything, you’ll be able to login fine when this is all over and we can all have a good laugh at the pile of dust that will be Spamhaus tomorrow.

TROLOLOL!!!! Fly safe!

Due to ongoing military action against Spamhaus in retaliation to their (foolish) decision to add the entirety of Cyberbunker’s network to their DBL (Domain Blocklist), the European Internet blocks are currently struggling under the load of 300 billion bits-per-second being directed against the Spamhaus networks. As a result we have noticed a significant drop in bandwidth performance in the UK.

We have gone into ‘Blue Lockdown’, all non-premium accounts will be refused connections in an attempt to maintain our online status.

This is an ongoing event, more news will follow.

Update: STARS Blackfoot has just written this dev blog post to explain what is going on in more (colourful) detail.

Users of Squidwolf Mail may have experienced problems sending or receiving mail over the past 24 hours due to an abnormally high amount of network traffic during this time. This resulted in a mail delivery backlog which has now been fixed by allocating more network resources to Squidwolf Mail servers.

All outstanding mail has since been delivered as of 2330 UTC and normal service has resumed.

If you are still experiencing difficulties or you still haven’t received any mail, please File A Petition to let us know and a member of support will contact you as high priority (within 15 minutes).

Thank you for your patience.

Issue 07 of the official Squidwolf Magazine from Squidwolf Syndicate is now on sale! Release of this issue is over two months late but it is better late than never!

Grab a copy of it on Squidwolf Store now for $4.99 CAD!

Cover feature: Squidwolf Minecraft
“Buildy” is a cry many have heard if you live at Indigo House. If not, then everything you need to know about Squidwolf Syndicate’s latest venture is inside!

Behind The Scenes
We go behind the scenes of the EMAID division at Project: Hazel to bring you interviews with some of the developers.


Insider Guides
Ever wanted to setup your own shop on Squidwolf Minecraft? Now you can! We give you the full details on how to achieve this along with a fully comprehensive list of all the commands you will need to push your Faction towards global domination on Squidwolf Minecraft.


Squidwolf Magazine on Tour!
We sent EMAID Izzy to the Toronto underground hackspace to find out what is going on in our own backyard.



  • Support 2.0 – Squidwolf Syndicate launches a Tech Support division
  • Helpdesk done right, get a response from Squidwolf Support in under 2 hours!
  • Codename-MIKA | Find out about the next expansion!
  • Flight – A tour of the “second world”
  • February – The biggest map on Squidwolf Minecraft
  • February City – We give you a tour of the capitol
  • Letters, Dev Blog, Stats, and more!

Now available on Squidwolf Store!

Squidwolf Syndicate: Inherit Velocity 1.3 is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. Downtime will begin at 2100 UTC and is expected to be completed at 2230 UTC.

Squidwolf Syndicate: Inherit Velocity 1.3 introduces a multitude of fixes and improvements to Squidwolf Minecraft. For more information on these improvements please read the Patch Notes here. A discussion thread for player feedback is available on Squidwolf Forums.

As Squidwolf Syndicate: Inherit Velocity 1.3 introduces a first massive preparation of the Squidwolf Minecraft Universe for leaving BETA and since we are doing something that no one has ever done before, we expect to encounter eventually some unexpected issues during the deployment. Please be prepared for deployment updates and delays in the schedule. Thank you for your understanding!

Released on Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Squidwolf Chat

  • Multiple persistent channels have been added to the server Further information about the improved chat system is available in this dev blog.


  • You can now purchase the ability to fly using the SquidPoints premium currency.

World Shaping

  • Two new worlds have been added to the server.
  • Polaris is only accessible through Polaris Portals.
  • Rubicon is accessible to normal players via the portal center on Hurricane.
  • Standard travel fees apply.
  • Standard travel restrictions apply.

Factional Warfare

  • New locations called “capture points” are planned for the server which when captured by a faction provide them with additional benefits such as Exp or power.
  • We have disabled /f chat and instead built the faction channel directly into the new Squidwolf Chat system.
  • NPC Faction Mobs are now available. Purchase them with faction power and they’ll attack enemy players and monsters.
  • Create Faction Warps to quickly move around your territory.
  • You can quickly inform all members of your faction by making an announcement.
  • Create a Faction Jail and enforce Faction law by jailing unruly members.
  • New to Squidwolf Minecraft and need a faction? Type /needfaction to let everyone know.


  • There are 5 faction mob types: Swordsman, Ranger, Archer, Mage, and Titan. Each costs 1-5 power to spawn respectively.
  • /f createwarp [name] Creates a Faction warp, these can only be created in faction land.
  • /f warp [name] allows you to use a faction warp.
  • /f listwarps lists all warps associated with your faction.
  • /f setjail sets the jail location, this can only be set in faction land.
  • /f jail [player] sends the player to jail.
  • For more information, please follow the tutorial or read Squidwolf Wiki.



GUI Creator

  • A new GUI has been created. Press ‘C’ on your keyboard to use it.
  • We have removed the HUD bar and it isn’t coming back, ever!
  • Players will now be kicked from the server if they aren’t using spout.
  • A tutorial window will automatically open upon first login with lists of commands. This is viewable again later by pressing ‘*’ on your numeric keypad.


  • Streaks and Achievements are back!


  • Squidwolf Minecraft website has been tidied up a little and all pages have been updated to reflect recent changes.

Squidwolf Server

  • Java for Mac OS X 1.06 update 14 has been installed.

Squidwolf BitTorrent Server

  • Fix 2.75 regression that broke JSON parsing of real numbers in locales that don’t use ‘.’ as a decimal separator
  • Don’t invalidate the OS’s file cache when closing files
  • Fix setting speed limits above ~8589 kB/s
  • Generated magnet links didn’t include webseeds
  • Fix minor memory leaks when using webseeds
  • Web Client: Fix minor DOM leak



  • Additional server broadcast controls have been added for moderators and above.
  • All Player activity is now recorded, we know what you are doing!
  • The emerald-based economy has had a huge overall squashing hundreds of annoying bugs.
  • World saves now occur every hour which should stop any loss of progress if a server crash occurs.

Hello miners,

As you may know, the bunnies over at Project: Hazel (don’t tell them I’m calling them that) will soon be devoting all of their resources towards Squidwolf Minecraft. We have started to prepare for that and the influx of new players which will make having just one chat channel unbearable.

So to deal with this problem we now have multiple chat channels on the server, at the moment four of these are active. These are local channel for just your area, global which is just like it is now, world, and faction.

To help new players along we will also be adding a ‘rookie’ help channel which will be available to players with ranks lower than Private II. This helps to keep new players talking to each other while keeping out older players who may want to troll them.

Most people are getting really sick of the constant new commands they have to remember so the chat channel controls will be built-in to the new interface which is driven by spout. This means all you have to do is press a button on your keyboard and then click on the channel you want to join. In the future you will be able to create your own custom channels using the same controls. Simple and yet totally awesome!

We are really digging spout at the moment and hopefully you will too!

Plans for the future? Well did I hear someone say Jabber IM!!!!

Watch this space & keep diggin’

M Purifier


What the hell happened to Issue 08 of Squidwolf Magazine? Well in simplest terms, all of the content that was going to be in this issue ended up in Issue 07 which was never our intention but we managed to break our own record for the amount of content in an issue with almost 100 pages and subsequently the most popular issue of Squidwolf Magazine to-date.

So Issue 08. Is it a disaster? Yes. How bad? Well, not catastrophic. We cut the price of the issue by 50% since there is only just under 25 pages in the magazine which means only around 15 pages of actual content.

We aren’t all that bothered by this because we are so unbelieveably happy with Issue 07 that Issue 08 can be completely ignored if you aren’t one of the “collector” types (we have heard that some of you are religiously saving all of the Dev Blogs which we think is creepy).

Issue 09 will be so awesome that you just can’t fathom and it will completely unrustle your jimmes, just you wait and see!

You like that lil 4chan reference, eh?

It was the year of 1997 and 5-year-old Hazel Carlo was given a second-hand laptop by her father. Now at first glance you are probably thinking that the hell a 5-year-old wants with a laptop and trust me when I asked Hazel when she first got interested in computers and she told me this, I called bulls**t too!

But knowing what I know now and seeing just what she managed to achieve before her life was cut short then I can with certainty believe this.

So who is Hazel Carlo? Well she was born in Destin, FL in 1991 and in year 2003 she founded Cyberhornets Hackerboard. What is a Hackerboard, you ask? Well a Hackerboard is a group of individuals who band together to build things on the internet. There are many different types of Hackerboards, some are out to cause havoc and mayhem (Blackhats) and some are out to thawt these attempts (Whitehat). Cyberhornets would fall into the third category which is (Greyhat).

The Wikipedia definition of a Greyhat is the following:

grey hat in the hacking community refers to a skilled hacker whose activities fall somewhere between white and black hat hackers on a variety of spectra. It may relate to whether they sometimes arguably act illegally, though in good will, or to show how they disclose vulnerabilities. They usually do not hack for personal gain or have malicious intentions, but may be prepared to technically commit crimes during the course of their technological exploits in order to achieve better security.

Links have been left intact for you to take a closer look at the definitions on Wikipedia.

Now you may think there is nothing too extraordinary about the Cyberhornets Hackerboard but they had something which no other organisation on the Internet had (and still doesn’t come close to) and that is Hazel Carlo. At the age of 11 she had started to self-teach herself computer programming and by the age of 14 she had invented her own programming language which she named after herself, known as HazelScript. Nobody outside of Cyberhornets Hackerboard has ever seen more than a single line of this mysterious programming language and thats because it has the power to perform large numbers of functions in the smallest amount of characters not matched by any other publicly available programming language out there.

Back in the early 00’s there were still lots of static IP Addresses assigned to large amounts of residential internet connections which the idea of “territory sovereignty” on the internet in the eyes of these underground Hackerboard organisations were driven, The idea that you could infiltrate and compromise and IP Address and “claim it”. This was done by “tagging” all traffic coming from that destination.