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Well, today, after weeks of stress, screen punching and swearing, I’ve finally finished my final images and printed them ready for the exhibition! 
Tomorrow I will be framing them, and we are putting together the space ready to hang our work as a group tomorrow too.
It’s gonna be a busy week next week- every single day is accounted for in a 9-5 to get the space prepped and ready and full of our work ready to open to the public on the 9th.

Although I’ve so enjoyed the experience of putting together our own exhibition and the learning curves have been so beneficial, I am so looking forward to it all being completed so I can sleep for a week.

I will be writing a new Life in Letters hopefully over the weekend before next week kicks me full in the face. 

Watch out for that! But for now, it is over and out.


Well, well, well… long time no see, huh?

I’ve not posted a blog post in a LONG time… for various reasons that I shall get into in a moment. But this post here, marks my come-back to blogging and I will be posting regularly once more as of now. 

Now, as for the reasons behind my extended absence from WordPress… In early September my beloved cat Misty passed away. This was a really hard time for me and my family, and I felt as if I needed to write a blog post about it. I felt as if I had to write SOMETHING about her before I could continue with anything else, but I didn’t feel ready yet. Now, I feel as if I can address this and continue writing.
Some people may think it’s silly to be so devastated over the death of a pet, but to me she was a lot more than that- pets become a part of who you are, and you develop bonds with them you just don’t with anyone else. Misty was only 6 years old too- she wasn’t meant to die so young. She developed a form of blood cancer about a year ago and she had been battling it ever since. She had a nice last summer, but her condition deteriorated within a matter of days, and we ultimately had to decide to have her put to sleep. I stroked her and relaxed her and held her paw as she slowly passed. It was awful but we know we made the right choice for her.
I will miss her forever and life will definitely be a lot less bright without her.



Well, that was September. As for the time between then and now- I’m now in my final year of university. This semester my class and I are putting on an exhibition of our work on 12th December in Bolton, Manchester. Organising this and getting my work together has taken up a LOT of my time these last few months. Hence my delayed absence. 

HOWEVER, I am now back! I will be aiming to post weekly blogs again, probably updates on the exhibition between now and when we open mostly, but I’ll fit in some other stuff too. 🙂

To check out our exhibition website go to:
You can also follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram and like us on Facebook. All of the information about the work and the dates we will be open will be announced on those sites. Go over and share the links and support our work! 😀

Until next time, kids!