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Lydia was well sleepy!

Here we find a sleeping Diddlesocks in her natural habitat.

Lydia was really sleepy after an awesome weekend.

I’m writing a blog and you’re reading it. I didn’t ask you to and the fact that you are replying with such strong words actually makes me happy because I am provoking you into a discussing your views which clash with mine. Thanks for reading my blog.

Religious people are so antsy.

Who are these chaps?

Piggy, David, and Charismatic Golden Retriever.

Some of Bryony’s internet friends became meatspace friends this weekend.

So, what is the plan?

Well I figured I should write something about what I am going to be getting up to when I leave uni to please the uni module which I talked about two days ago so here I go…

When I leave uni I will be spending the majority of summer ’14 concentrating on kickstarting my company with the funding received from the government start-up loans scheme. For those of you who don’t know what this is then you can check it out by clicking here.

“Hey Dom, you talked about this before!” Yeah I know but I’m not expecting whomever is ‘marking’ my blog (I’m not quite sure how that works) to trawl through a boatload of posts.

With this loan I will be leasing various bits of media equipment (camcorders & such) as well as injecting cash into my other ideas. I’m not going into too much detail for the purpose of operational secrecy, my subscribers will already know all about this. For those who are new to this, it is exactly what it sounds like.

For more information on what Squidwolf Syndicate does you can click here. For more information on the technology and methodology (in less detail) about what my company, Potion Forest, has at its disposal you can click here.

The short form

Potion Forest LLP (partnership no. OC389410), a limited liability partnership, is a media and internet services company registered in England and Wales. Its main project, Squidwolf Syndicate, offered Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domain Names, and consumer electronics. This summer will also see the debut of Squidwolf Studios, a new project to enter the film production and photography services fields as well as professional web design services, and eventually iOS development.

Why are you so shit

He is soooo gonna regret this

Question: “Why is Northern Rail so terribad about putting enough carriages on at peak times?”

Such accurate

Much true

If only this happens..

Educate your kids

My fleet sucks


“The portfolio should include at least one CV, a personal statement, an example of a covering letter, and material that is intended to be part of a virtual package in the form of a simple blog that enables you to upload visual and publicity materials.”

…um ok, deja vu! I actually did this exact same task last year which was “create a blog”. Last time I submitted my dev blog for Squidwolf Syndicate (which I have been posting to since 2010) but this time around I am going to be submitting this blog. Why? Well its my personal blog and I’ll be marketing my personal brand when I leave uni alongside my company brand so I’ll be talking about those two things.

“At least one CV” …done! Who doesn’t have a CV?

“A personal statement” …done! All students on my course have now created two personal statements in order to get on this course. I doubt much has changed in the course of ten months but you never know, a few changes would be appropriate.

“…material …virtual package in the form of a simple blog” …cryptic much? Well my showreel is already on this blog, does that count? I guess so.

Post 1 of 5 done. I’ve settled on five posts for this since there is already a boatload of material on this blog related to university and my heart simply isn’t into the idea of making a new blog just for this when I can be focusing on other more fulfilling tasks related to university coursework and what I am going to be doing when I leave uni.

I'm being sarcastic


In response to someone asking “how is your final major project going?”: In my humble opinion, it definitely isn’t 2nd year FMP good. But all in all, I just don’t seen to care. I get frustrated trying to fit stuff in with lack of angles. I don’t know why these things weren’t spotted during the filming process but clearly it never came up, I just need to crack on with it now.

Its a little awkward because I know I’m not great at editing drama but I’m nowhere near this bad as this edit is turing out, I know what is wrong and how to fix it, but a huge chunk would need to just go into the bin (trash can, not folder).

(Assistant) Producers can be real dicks sometimes.

A colossal ball ache of a project.

I fucking hate my FMP. Last small rant post for a while, I swear.

melodysheep is amazing!

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this guy’s channel then that is your homework for this evening!