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I love you guys!

I love you guys!

My favourite people! Happy memories from #IndigoHouse

There will be Extended Downtime tomorrow (25 May 2014) between 1245 and 1730 GMT while we relocate Edge from Indigo House to Fallowfield Asylum.

The following services will be affected

  • Squidwolf DNS (UK & Ireland only).
  • Squidwolf File Server (England only).
  • Squidwolf Mail (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland only).
  • Squidwolf IM (Edge cluster only).
  • Squidwolf Profile Manager (Edge cluster only).
  • Squidwolf Apache (Edge cluster only).
  • Squidwolf Minecraft.

Squidwolf Hosting and Domain services WILL remain active, this downtime does not affect these services.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Squidwolf VPS
  • Squidwolf Dedicated
  • Squidwolf Clan
  • Squidwolf Domain
  • Potion DNS
  • Squidwolf Support
  • Squidwolf Tech Support

If you are concerned about this downtime please contact Support via the Account Management ticket system or if you do not have an account with us you can use Petitions.

After three years of uni I can honestly say that I am definitely going to miss it, which is probably surprising to hear since I complain a lot. I’m going to miss you all, even the people that I didn’t get along with all that much.

FYI, its results day on the last friday of May. Wish me luck!

Last night out



You had me at “rum”.

We are pleased to announce that Overlapping Particles has been confirmed and will be launched next month! The latest expansion marks our entry into the world of Cloud hosting as well as additional security tools and services for our customers who enjoy our hosting services.

This expansion also marks the full launch of Squidwolf Studios and the pre-production of our first original content series The Kitchen Gang which will be released this summer.

Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Since we announced our foray into Cloud Hosting we have been getting emails from you asking what the difference is, if you should move from Shared to Cloud, and is there a discount for existing customers. As always, we will answer your questions.

Reasons you might switch to Squidwolf Cloud

Scalability  – Squidwolf Cloud is geared towards you needing more and more resources over time. It also features a lot more mailboxes, FTP accounts, and our top Cloud package has no limits on the number MySQL databases  you can create.

Reliability – While our shared hosting package is based on Squidwolf Server Network and can scale to the needs of Shared Hosting, you will find that Squidwolf Cloud is more suited to application-intensive use such as eCommerce, large database-driven websites such as large WordPress sites, forums, and custom-built website architectures.

Configurability – Squidwolf Cloud has a longer list of features, tools, and 1-click install applications than our Shared Hosting services do. Additional features such as SSH Server AccessJavaScript Maker, and Secure Server Access make Cloud Hosting a good choice for any sort of retail website.

Reasons Squidwolf Cloud isn’t right for you

Economy – Squidwolf Cloud’s base and middle-tier packages are more expensive than that of Shared Hosting and bandwidth & storage add-on packages may turn out to be more expensive in the long-run if you don’t invest in the correct package. Talk to our support team to find out which package is right for you.

Regularity – You will be billed per GB (gigabyte) of bandwidth used outside of your allowance.

I look like a bug

I look like a bug

Me: Apparently it’s really funny to hear an American say “bollocks”.

Gabbi: Wait, what?

An owl, hanging out.

I dunno, owl stuff I guess.

Blah! I got up at a reasonable time (for normal people) this morning. I have an advertising campaign and HOPEFULLY a fuck ton of money to budget, if I get approved. Hmm…this week? Drinkssssh! probably including this weekend, but next weekend? I had better start planning to pack up an entire house for moving…

…I really need to start making YouTube videos again.

Unenthusiastic photo

I am definitely not one for taking selfies

Amazing! I finally finished all my uni work!!