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Isn't he just pathetic

Isn’t he just pathetic

How appropriate that I have written fiction about him for my big story.

“Police responded to a report of two dogs running loose and attacking ducks on sunday. The offer cited a resident for the dogs. The duck refused medical treatment and left the area according to police records.”

I played EVE Online last night! I have definitely got worse. Pro Tip: Never pull a full Leeroy Jenkins in a really expensive ship fitted with really expensive modules. This is a big week! Finishing off the plan for the massive fictional world I am creating, find a new Start-up loan provider, plan for my graduation ceremony, plan the garden party. Phew.

Oh and Felicia Day’s instagram makes me want to sign up to instagram again.

IMG_5687 IMG_5688 IMG_5689



He goes by ‘felix’ or simply ‘the pigeon we made friends with in Chester Railway Station’.

Photogenic pigeon

I dunno, pigeon stuff I guess.

I really love running Manchester. 

Phew! Today is the first day I’ve been running in a while. I’m getting back into the swing of things by starting the 7 week beginners course on Nike+ Running. If you’re curious then you can check out my run. I’m feeling a fitness buzz coming on!

My blogging has sucked lately, expect big things though!


wow this week has been chaos! I will finally finish moving in this week.
I’ve basically been doing nothing but unloading boxes since last week. I watched the premiere of season 2 of Orange is the new Black with Bryony, ate a lot of crumpets, got annoyed at the Start-up Loans company. It’s a relief to finally get setup & I’ve got big plans for this summer. i’m excited :]

Yes! The YouTube projects will start soon, I just need to get everything else sorted first.

So Northern Rail wants me to pay an £80 fine for “fare dodging” …even though it was their fault. I’ll pay it then dispute the fuck out of it.