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Spending the day designing ads for our first big advertising campaign, what do you think?

I am way more happy with getting a second internet connection into the house than I should be….but it has a Static IP though!


Potion Forest LogoSo today was the Potion Annual Keynote (which also happens to be the first one ever) and there were quite a few updates on our progress. I also shared a few new ideas I had – I need to stop doing that, people think I’m actually doing them!

I’m posting a link to the Potion Forest website – click here. The Third Empire will rise!

We have added the facility to switch between Control and DomainCP in your Hosting Packages.

This feature has already been enabled for all Shared Hosting accounts, login to your services control panels to check the new feature out!

Getting Started

As part of our new Getting Started series we have added the next PDF guide titled “Building your website” which is a free download from Support Download in Account Management.

Perfect if you are getting into web development!

Click here to check it out!


I had to jump through hoops for permission to use a picture "that wasn't awful".

Spending a week in Oxford with Bryony. I got her two books from Waterstones (Dorian Gray & Dracula) with shiny covers, because shiny though, only £18.00 each! Also I snagged the last Camera Lens Mug they had, the guy went looking in the back for twenty minutes before emerging with the last one (Also from Waterstones).

Update: There used to be pictures here but I have been requested to remove them.

I started working on this ages ago.

Woop! Well I finally got there with finishing this nice little side project that I started working on about half a year ago (actual work began wayyy before that) but once again I got swamped with uni work (thankfully thats not an issue anymore) and other stuff so it was left orphaned for ages. 11 July is when the final bits were put in place but the Image Locker is still broken and likely won’t be fixed any time soon.

So what is this for? I started working on this project quietly just before christmas 2013 but I got swamped with university work and other stuff so I have only just finished it. Yet the site looks like its from the 90′s but who the hell cares! Have fun!

The Squidwolf Toolkit was born out of several things. Firstly, it is hard for my to find the time to make things ‘just for fun’. The tools that I make here are things that I personally find useful and want to share or to solve problems that my friends and family have had. If you find these tools useful as well, awesome! Please let me know and spread the word!

to take a look.

Need help planning your first website? No problem! We have written a handy guide to help you get setup with your first web project, its free to download for anyone!

Click here to be taken to our Support Downloads

Hello everybody!

We know we have been particularly silent over these past two months but rest assured we are still here and still plotting & scheming. And on that note we will have some exciting announcements to make over the next few weeks, particularly on the note of the rather silent launch of our latest expansion Overlapping Particles. It seems to have just sailed by without much fanfare and that is our fault.

Things to look forward to

  • The final parts to Overlapping Particles – It isn’t all there yet, we’re sorry. Particularly on the note of Cloud Hosting, we want it to be as perfect as it can be.
  • The other totally absent part – Remember when we said we’d be bringing you SSL certificates? Where are they?! While we are totally confident in our state-of-the-art security system (not a single security breach to-date), we want to improve on the SSL system by stripping away some of the parts related to Heart bleed. It is coming but we think we can do a better job than everyone else and that takes time.
  • The Kitchen Gang – The final script changes are being made and you will soon see a lot of fanfare surrounding our first major production, it all kicks off this August!
  • PotionVillage – We are putting this on the back burner for now, it isn’t totally going away but we think that the world is only ready for one totally awesome thing at a time.

This Summer

  • The First Ever Potion Forest Keynote – We are consolidating our position in the ether and we are planning on holding a nice little keynote in August.
  • The Kitchen Gang – Soon to ender full production this Autumn we will be holding auditions for the cast.
  • COLOSSUS RETURNS! – Yes you can stop sending the emails about Squidwolf Store being broken beyond all recognition, we have a better idea for it.

For now, this has been Squiddy

That is parties not panties

This isn’t my best angle

And throughout the stars in the sky and the beams in the trees, there is nothing beyond your reach; be it physical or though the plains of astral means. Remember that for all our faults and all our shortcomings, we love you.

“Dude, are you trying to be deep again?”

No, on another note I had an amazing weekend! The graduation party was amazing!!

This is the meerkat my mother made me (yes, made!) as my graduation present. Now I’m working my way through a mammoth-load of work to finish before the party at the weekend.



“Where can I buy one of those aweshum meerkats?!” Probably here, but the storefront isn’t finished yet. Stay tuned!