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It has been well over a month since we said we would launch Squidwolf Magazine and we are finally getting there. There has been a lot of discussion about this project, mainly on Facebook, and it is all very fragmented so if you are serious about joining the project (and getting paid) then follow these simple steps.

Working on Squidwolf Magazine

Stage 1: Create an account on

We are working on Connect With Facebook and by the time you read this you should already be able to bypass the registration process by using your Facebook account to login.

Edit: Facebook Connect is STILL broken, sorry!

Area A – Your Profile

Navigate to the profile settings area and fill in your profile. Make sure you tick Magazine in the Squidwolf area of your profile so we know to send you news updates to your email account.

You must upload an avatar to your profile or your account will be rejected.

Area B – The Forums

Three step process for this

  • Say hello in the Squidwolf Magazine board.
  • Invite three other people to create accounts with us who you think might also be interested in working on the magazine.
  • Let us know (via the forums) that you’ve invited some peeps!

Area C – The Magazine Group

Dead easy!

  • Request membership in the Magazine Group. This is the official group for the magazine project where we will all be talking to each other, sharing article ideas, and uploading material.
  • Those who are particularly helpful to the project will be promoted to Moderator inside the group.
  • If you are a shining example of being a good Squidwolf Citizen then when the magazine is launched you might be instantly made an Editor.

Stage 2 – The Private ALPHA

A – The ALPHA begins on 11 November 2014.

So what is this? Well the website is almost done and we have added our entire back catalog of material from the “old” magazine onto the website. The Private ALPHA is where we all take part in testing the website and REPORTING BUGS!

B – Bug Reporting

If you find something wrong with the Squidwolf Magazine Website then you should report it on our forum so our developers know to fix the problem. Bonus points for a good bug report!

Stage 3 – The Private BETA

A – The BETA begins on 15 December 2014.

This is where the group members themselves can invite their friends to get early access to the magazine. This expands our visitors and helps us to stress-test the website, get feedback from them (what they like, what they hate), and find new topics to cover editorially.

Stage 4 – The Public BETA

The Magazine is opened to the public on 5 January 2015.

Your first thought is probably “why not sooner?”. Well if the BETA only begins on the 20 October and Squidwolf Syndicate is closed between 19 December – 5 January, it seems silly to open a new product to the public around the christmas period and then completely stop working on it right after you do it.

Stage 5 – Monetisation

Our payment model

It goes something like this!

  • The magazine will be supported by advertising.
  • For every 1,000 hits an article gets, a payout is made.
  • The author of that article gets 70% of the revenue made on that article.
  • Potion Forest keeps 30%.
  • Additional earnings can be made on the forums of Squidwolf Magazine (not the forums on

When does this start?

We will start the monetisation within two expansions. We won’t be running ads on the site initially, we will be focusing on generating content first. Once we have around 100 articles then AdSense code will be injected into the site.

Each content creator will having his/her own code to distinguish between earnings.

What about copyright?

All content creators will have full rights over their content. Yes, really! We will be writing a “Creator’s Charter” to outline this.

What is the catch?

The only catch is that you can’t copy pasta. That is, write for us and also post the same content elsewhere. For example if you have a personal blog and you write an article and then also want to publish it on Squidwolf Magazine, the first must not be available to the internet.

Other fun stories

Our new website

Even if you aren’t going to write for Squidwolf Magazine we would still like to urge you to register on where you can give us feedback on our shiny new website!

Overlapping Particles 1.1 has been deployed across the network, patch notes are available here.

If you find any issues or bugs, please let us know!

Patch notes for Overlapping Particles 1.1

Patch to be deployed between 1830 and 2359 GMT on 27 August 2014.


SafeZone Assembly

  • SafeZone have gone through multiple changes in organisation and effectiveness. The spawn sizes have been reduced to just one soldier. However, they now have increased damage output and a broad range of defensive applications. In addition, the Exp Neutralising Ability will completely drain a character of exp. SafeZone will also proceed to eliminate any NPC Soldiers.
  • All Hazel Towers are now owned by Inner Circle.


  • Characters will no longer lose exp beyond Rank 22 (Captain) which requires Rank 22.
  • Early access to exp protection can be purchased using HazelCredit at Hazel Tower for 1,000 Hc.
  • Exp drops from all sources have been heavily adjusted.


Agents and Missions

  • Over 70 new missions have been added.
  • Work as begun on missions for the other empires (Aqua State, Surface Federation, and Ender Republic).



  • Kits have been added for new characters at Rank 1 (Recruit), requires 7 exp.
  • Kits are priced accordingly and contain various equipment:
    • Soldier
      • 4 x Stone Sword
      • Price: 1,000 Sc.
      • Command: /kit soldier
    • Archer
      • 1 x Bow
      • 24 x Arrows
      • Price: 1,000 Sc.
      • Command: /kit archer
    • Miner
      • 4 x Stone Pickaxe
      • Price: 1,000 Sc.
      • Command: /kit miner
    • Forester
      • 4 x Stone Axe
      • Price: 1,000 Sc.
      • Command: /kit forester
    • Excavator
      • 4 x Stone Shovel
      • Price: 1,000 Sc.
      • Command: /kit excavator
  • A change has been made to the way you can protect your inventory. You can now restore your inventory upon your death by visiting a Hazel Tower and purchasing the rINV service, costs 100 Hc.
    • Access to the command /rInv <player> can be purchased from HazelStore for £1.59 and expires after 24 hours.


  • Herobrine Empire equipment has been added to the Hazel eXchange.
    • Herobrine Blade
      • Damage: 20
      • Durability: 100
      • Price: 400 Hc
    • Herobrine Helmet
      • Protection (All): 10
      • Durability: 100
      • Price: 400 Hc
    • Herobrine Chestplate
      • Protection (All): 10
      • Durability: 100
      • Price: 400 Hc
    • Herobrine Leggings
      • Price (All): 10
      • Durability: 100
      • Price: 400 Hc
    • Herobrine Boots
      • Price (All): 10
      • Durability: 100
      • Price: 400 Hc


  • Lapis Lazuli can now be exchanged for HazelCredit. 1 x Lapis Lazuli Block = 1 Hc.
  • Lapis Lazuli and Lapis Lazuli Block has been removed from the market.


  • We have removed the Factions display on the our Live Map due to increased support expected in the coming months.
  • Faction Mobs limit has been increased to 1,000 mobs.
  • Faction Mobs per-faction has been increased to 250 mobs.
  • Faction Mob speed has been increased to 0.4
  • Price of Archer has been increased to 250 Sc.
  • Price of Swordsman has been decreased to 750 Sc.
  • Price of Titan has been decreased to 1,000 Sc.

New Character Experience

  • All new players now spawn with leather armour.


  • The tutorial missions now work as expected.


  • Players who attack/kill other players and NPCs will now be pursued by SafeZone Enforcement Division NPCs.
  • Infernal Mobs are back!


  • Dynamic Pricing is back! Use the command /ap to access our dynamic pricing economy from any core world.
  • Player Trading! Now there is an easy way to trade between players. Just use the /trade command. There is a 100 Sc tax on all player trades.
  • New items have been seeded to the market.


  • Lapis Lazuli has been removed from the market.
  • Lapis Lazuli Block has been removed from the market.

Factions Politics

  • All faction less players can now engage in PvP.
  • All restrictions on combat between players have been lifted.
  • Relations taxes have been decreased.


  • We are now permanently suspending all support for Spoutcraft.

Premium Items

  • Villager Tribe: DeathGuard (for Backpack) – Item removed
  • Villager Tribe: Overflow (for Backpack) – Item removed
  • Villager Tribe: Inter-World (for Backpack) – Item removed
  • Villager Tribe: Blacklight (for Backpack) – Item removed
  • Villager Tribe: ITEM ADDED | Backpack – Price £0.69.
  • Villager Partners: ITEM ADDED | Craftable Backpack – Price £1.59.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 18 Slots. Price £4.99.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 9 Slots. Price £2.49.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 27 Slots. Price £7.99.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 36 Slots. Price £9.99.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 45 Slots. Price £11.99.
  • Villager Research: Backpack – 54 Slots. Price £14.99.

Note: Do NOT attempt to purchase Inventory Restore if your rank is above Captain! You can restore your inventory using the command.

Squidwolf Voice

  • An additional channel has been created called “Events”.


  • The Secure Commerce Division now converts Lapis Lazuli into SquidCredit.
  • The ability to sell Lapis Lazuli and Lapis Lazuli Block to the server has now been removed.


  • An issue regarding exp drops from Wither has now been resolved. If you have killed a Wither in the last 60 days and did not receive any exp for the kill, please file a Support Ticket.
  • The new website has been deployed.
  • website has been removed and will now redirect to while we rebuild a section for the game.
  • Stargate wormhole time has been extended to 38 seconds.
  • DragonTravel flight speed has been increased to 0.7
  • Enderman now appear on the World Map.
  • Villager now appear on the World Map.
  • Blaze now appear on the World Map.
  • Skeleton now appear on the World Map.
  • Zombie now appear on the World Map.
  • Pig Zombie now appear on the World Map.
  • Witch now appear on the World Map.
  • Iron Golem now appear on the World Map.
  • Zombie Villager now appear on the World Map.
  • Minecart now appear on the World Map.
  • Boat now appear on the World Map.
  • Explosive Minecart now appear on the World Map.
  • Hopper Minecart now appear on the World Map.
  • Powered Minecart now appear on the World Map.
  • Spawner Minecart now appear on the World Map.

Database Optimisation and Improvements

  • Many database improvements and optimizations have been added to benefit players in many ways, ranging from a better and more efficient development environment on our side to a leaner and faster database for Minecraft.
  • The database will now generate population statistics from chunks with more than 5 entities at any given time. This information will be used to analyse load balancing in heavily populated areas.
  • Improvements have been made during the start up of Squidwolf Minecraft. These changes minimize the risk of start up problems, reduces the chances of a restart in case of failure and allows us to preload more chunks.
  • More analysis data will be collected in order to allow us to investigate reports of disconnects to improve player experience.


  • Corrections have been made to Player Stats. The Stats Website continues to work normally.
  • Stats will never be reset.

Account Management


  • Case #2575 – Provide migration patch to harden Admin & API cryptographic.
  • Case #4177 – Mask sensitive passwords in admin interface.
  • Case #4821 – Redacted
  • Case #4822 – Redacted
  • Case #4824 – Redacted
  • Case #4829 – Redacted
  • Case #4830 – Redacted
  • Case #4832 – Remove access to version information within server status script
  • Case #4886 – Redacted
  • Case #4923 – MoipApi Gateway Module: Remove file system log function
  • Case #4987 – Add Proxy Trust IP Configuration
  • Case #4988 – Redacted
  • Case #4989 – Redacted
  • Case #4990 – Redacted
  • Case #4991 – Hide license key in license error page notifications


  • Case #3144 – CentovaCast: Fix resource usage syncing logic
  • Case #3178 – Nominet: Perform status sync for transferred domains
  • Case #3651 – RegisterCom: Fix US contact state handling
  • Case #3970 – KashFlow: Fix Currency sent on new client creation
  • Case #3978 – PayFlow Pro: Always send invoice number parameter
  • Case #4086 – InternetBS: Update variable names used in WHOIS update
  • Case #4157 – eNom: Do not send nameserver values when Use Defaults enabled
  • Case #4428 – Add e-onlinedata payment gateway module
  • Case #4442 – Garantibank: Correct API end point URL
  • Case #4724 – Project Management Addon: Preserve date format in tasks
  • Case #4823 – Drop support for the EOL Ensim Provisioning Module
  • Case #4870 – Drop support for the EOL E-Gold and PayOffline gateways
  • Case #4889 – OVH Registrar: Use white label option
  • Case #4969 – NameCheap: Add support for .UK domain additional fields
  • Case #5002 – NetRegistry: Update API end point URL


  • Case #2840 – Correct Group Discount calculation with Inclusive Tax type
  • Case #3233 – Update Completed Transfer Sync to update expiry date pre email
  • Case #3245 – Resolve Kayako Loginshare failing when Two-Factor Auth is enabled
  • Case #3330 – Fix addon invoice line item type in pro-rata invoicing
  • Case #3886 – Prevent duplicate invoice generation during cron run
  • Case #3961 – Add additional hooks to client summary mass actions
  • Case #4118 – Fix missing parameter in add funds redirect
  • Case #4578 – Reset domain reminder field after due date change or renewal
  • Case #4662 – Ensure transaction rate is always a positive number
  • Case #4695 – Improve rounding logic with promotion codes
  • Case #4731 – Prevent placing upgrade orders when one in progress
  • Case #4845 – Fix license error message improperly reading error key
  • Case #4848 – Fix new customer report graph labels for current year
  • Case #4851 – Resolve fatal error occuring in reCAPTCHA validation routine
  • Case #4852 – Fix typo in the label tag of reports
  • Case #4880 – Ensure support and updates validity is enforced correctly
  • Case #4888 – Add contextual help link to System Cleanup
  • Case #4931 – Correct translation in French language file
  • Case #4945 – Correct incorrect links in the New Customers report
  • Case #4948 – Use Casual version numbering in XML API Response
  • Case #4976 – Ensure charts handle special characters appropriately

Exploit Fixes

  • Several exploit issues have been fixed, making Squidwolf a better world to live in for us all.

Post Patch Changes

Overlapping Particles 1.1.0-1 Server side change, released 18 August 2014

  • A PayPal Account issue was fixed which prevented us from accepting, sending, or reversing payments. We have since migrated to a new PayPal account.

Welcome to Squidwolf Syndicate. This is our first post.

Use our guides to help plan and build your new website with Squidwolf Hosting. Once you have created an account with us (its free to signup), you can go to our Support area to download our free guides, no obligation to sign up to any of our services. They’re free to use!

Click here to be taken to the Downloads area.

Planning Your Website

Released 11 July 2014

This guide covers the planning stages of building your website including: identifying your target audience, choosing a domain name and hosting, developing site maps and wire frames, and conducting competitor research.

Building Your Website (HTML & CSS)

Released 25 July 2014

This guide will introduce you to the concepts behind building a website, including looking at available software, using HTML & CSS and writing a basic web page.

Marketing Your Website

Released 15 August 2014

This guide provides practical online and offline marketing ideas to help you drive traffic to your site. Areas covered include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, affiliate marketing, directories, email marketing, advertising networks, social media, PR, and print advertising.

Improving Your Website

Released 26 August 2014

This guide will introduce you to the methods, tools and resources available for you to analyse your website. Find out how to collect and use data from web analytics, heat maps, user feedback and testing & optimisation to improve your website.

The new Squidwolf Syndicate website (discussed in this blog) is going to undergo a few final tweaks and is scheduled to release next week, instead of this week as originally estimated.

At the same time the new website will be revealed, the resources and information which customers have sought on the Squidwolf Syndicate site, will be made available on a new community section which should prove to be quite an improvement in terms of browsing and locating what you need.

We look forward to showing you new site and wish you all a great weekend!

Hi, FlyingSquidwolf here with the latest news on our website redesign.

Last year we began a strategy of improving our websites by consolidating our (fragmented) websites into once giant, easy-to-use one, and we are bringing back Forums. I’m here with the first dev blog in a series to come throughout 2014 that will detail important changes and updates to our websites over the course of this year.

Currently, we have a big bag of mixed-up websites. It’s split between trying to offer an explanation of what we do without really doing so, and trying to cater for our continually growing product & services portfolio. Further, important information is distributed across many other websites, from Account Management to FlyingSquidwolf. We can do better.

Changes on large scale require a large amount of in-depth planning and development effort, so rather than taking on the whole web at once, we are going to do this in stages.

Stage 1 –

The first part of these changes is taking the aspects of the current website that explain what we are and creating a better front facing website for Squidwolf Syndicate. This means we will have a website that has information about the various elements of the Syndicate, the rich services, visuals and how passionate we are. A website we will be proud to share with our friends, fellow users and potential customers.

The details

Some of the cool features that will be on the site include:

  • Quick links to Squidwolf Hosting and our other sites.
  • A news section that is easy to navigate.
  • Revised ‘things we do’ area to make it absolutely clear.
  • new community section where we can interact with our customers in a relaxed environment.
  • Screenshots showcasing all aspects of Squidwolf Syndicate.
  • Revised versions of popular Squidwolf Magazine in downloadable eBook format.
  • Squidwolf Store has been retired and replaced with Shop.
  • Contact Us page and Expansions History section.

Here are some sneak peaks:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 23.19.42

This is ready and should go live next week.

Stage 2 – Squidwolf Hosting

Having moved the information valuable for potential customers and for all of us to show off our products to its own home, we can now focus on information needed by our current customers and how we can improve your experience on our websites. We will be making changes that will bring together all the community related pages and functionality on the other sites under the umbrella of one Squidwolf Community website. The long term goal here is for you as a current customer to be able to go to the community website and from there access all the content, information and functionality relevant and useful to you.

The details

We are going to move the front-end of Squidwolf Hosting to an entirely new domain name while separating the Account Management area as it is now, secured by a new SSL certificate.

What comes next for the Squidwolf community

The support site we are working on will be consolidated into and will provide support for Shop, Minecraft, Events, Studios, and other new services. Squidwolf Hosting will effectively have its own dedicated support centre whereas our smaller products will share.

*tips hat*

Flying Squidwolf
Web Architect


Squidwolf Syndicate: Overlapping Particles 1.0.1 will be deployed on Friday, 15 August. We estimate that this patch will only take around 60 minutes to complete. Squidwolf Minecraft will be down from 18:00 to 18:30 GMT. This patch consists mainly of fixes to Squidwolf Voice and it will also include the previous optional patches.

Patch notes for Overlapping Particles 1.0.1

15.08.2014 15:09

Squidwolf Voice, Mail & Chat

  • Orphan accounts on Squidwolf Server Network have been deleted.
  • Message size limit has been increased to 50MB.
  • Resolved a number of memory leaks.
  • We are no longer archiving messages sent over Squidwolf IM.
  • Better performance of Squidwolf Voice with Squidwolf Minecraft.


  • is getting a massive makeover!
  • All of our fragmented sites are being rolled into our main website for better clarity.
  • Squidwolf Tower has been retired, for good.
  • The Squidwolf Support website is being integrated into
  • The Developer website is being retired on 18 August 2014.

Overlapping Particles 1.0.1-1 Optional Client change, released 08 August 2014

  • It is now possible to reject texture packs from Squidwolf Minecraft.

Overlapping Particles 1.0.1-2 Server side change, released 10 August 2014

  • An exploit concerning our custom PayPal gateway has been discovered, we have suspended all transactions.
  • All transactions with our customers have been frozen as standard protocol.

Overlapping Particles 1.0.1-3 Server side change, released 16 August 2014

  • PayPal exploit has been fixed, normal transactions resume.
  • Several Admin Tools have been updated allowing us to assist you better.

As more and more people (particularly the up & coming young generation) are moving their primary method of entertainment consumption to the internet the infamous debate on the TV Licence, which funds the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has resurfaced.

In case you are still unclear on my position on this argument (maybe you didn’t read the title) I support the TV Licence, and now I am going to tell you why. I’m also hoping to win you over to my way of thinking on this, there! Absolutely no hidden bias!

Quick arguments

Below are 10 key points on methods of funding for entertainment networks.

Arguments for

  1. TV has to be paid for. If you pay for TV via advertising, it ends up in the hands of people like soap powder companies, who act to prevent anything interesting or controversial ever being shown.
  2. TV has to be paid for. If you pay for TV by government funding, you giive power over TV to politicians, who act to rig elections and stay in power, and will act to prevent goverment scandals being revealed on TV (such as, for insatnce, MPs expenses).
  3. TV has to be paid for. If you pay for TV out of tax, you making people pay that do not watch TV. This is unfair.

Arguments against

  • Rupert Murdoch (owner of Sky) claims BBC has an unfair monopoly. [Monopoly? Count the number of TV companies in existence, Rupert].
  • Rupert Murdoch (owner of Sky) claims BBC is unfair competition for Sky [Rupert wants to be able to charge whatever he likes for Sky, and wants you to have no choice, no alternatives] .
  • Charging one flat yearly fee is unfair on people who do not watch TV much [how could you charge variable amounts without opening the door to fraud?].

Source: What are three arguments for and against tv licensing?. 2014. What are three arguments for and against tv licensing?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 August 2014].

Those are the quick & simply arguments on for & against the TV Licence. The writer, Greg, also added his counter arguments on each of the ‘against’ points which I quite like.

The comparison

A guest writer on the Digital Spy magazine made a, somewhat messy, comparison of the TV Licence & the way the BBC is funded to the, basically identical, way the NHS is funded.

We do have another public service that was brought in some 20 years or so after the licence fee that is, like the BBC, free at the point of use but funded by a tax (yes, it is technically illegal to watch any TV station broadcast live without a licence, but it can be done). It’s called the NHS.

In the modern era, we now have health providers like BUPA, where you only pay for the service when you use it. So why do we still need the NHS?

A little banner needs to go up over this argument

Firstly, we’re not comparing the functions of the two services here, just the pretty-much-identical funding method; and secondly, the BBC’s remit is to ‘inform’ and ‘educate’, and not just ‘entertain’.

Key argument “Why should I pay for shows like Strictly Come Dancing when another network can easily make those shows?

Of course, when a programme gets very few viewers, the argument then becomes, “Why should I pay for programmes that no-one is watching?” Surely it’s not hard to see the problem with those two, entirely opposite, arguments?

The response is that why shouldn’t the BBC make popular shows that everyone wants to watch – the ‘entertain’ part of their remit – as well as the less popular, possibly more ‘niche’ programming?

That would be the ‘inform’ and ‘educate’ part, though there’s no reason that something entertaining can’t be informative or educational too.

In fact, it’s the popular stuff that the BBC can then sell on (for example Doctor Who, Top Gear, the format of Strictly) that brings in more money through their BBC Worldwide commercial service – the profits of which are put back into the licence fee-funded programmes budget.

Remember, people. Not all productions of the BBC are not saleable commercially. The news service, which can easily be argued as an unrivalled production in scope and quality, cannot be sold in any shape or form so every penny spent on this crucial and excellent service is lost.

You might say that it is an argument against the current model and the BBC should just go down the commercial route but what of the smaller commercial companies if the immensely popular BBC started taking advertising?

The only sure network to survive this would be Sky as it is huge and could start countering this overnight by dropping its smaller channels (it makes far more through subscriptions), ITV would also survive. The smaller channels face a more uncertain fate, though.

The funding model & pricing

How about subscription? Well, the TV licence is currently £145.50 for the widest possible range of UK-produced programming.

The average Sky subscription is £500 for Films, Sports and mainly bought-in, pre-made US imports. Pay TV always costs more, but always produces less because they have to make money.

I’d also like to point out that on Sky’s network not only are you paying half a grand a year to watch their programming but you are also subject to 20 minutes of ads for every 40 minutes of content. Essentially, you are paying for a product and then Sky ‘sells you’ to someone else. Does this seem fair?

A public service

Currently, the BBC is a public service broadcaster, charged with producing as wide a variety of programmes for as many people as possible, with viewing figures largely a secondary concern.

On the other hand, both commercial TV and pay TV has to only produce programming that will attract the highest number of viewers for the commercials they show.

Digital Spy did a little research, courtesy of BARB, and compared a week’s worth of programming from ITV to a week’s worth from the BBC. The week was ending 23 February 2014, here is what they found:


  1. Call the Midwife – 10.49m
  2. EastEnders – 8.72m
  3. EastEnders – 8.38m
  4. The Voice UK – 8.33m
  5. Death In Paradise – 8.27m
  6. EastEnders – 7.92m
  7. Countryfile – 7.24m
  8. Inspector George Gently – 6.57m
  9. The Musketeers – 5.91m
  10. Casualty – 5.87m

These are the top 10 most popular shows from BBC One during the week in question.


  1. Coronation Street – 8.40m
  2. Coronation Street – 8.15m
  3. Coronation Street – 7.93m
  4. Coronation Street – 7.86m
  5. Emmerdale – 6.89m
  6. Emmerdale – 6.79m
  7. Coronation Street – 6.74m
  8. Emmerdale – 6.51m
  9. Emmerdale – 6.38m
  10. DCI Banks – 6.26m

These are the top 10 most popular shows from the whole of ITV (1,2,3,4) during the week in question.

Popularity is in the scale of millions, 6.79m = 6,790,000 views.

Seriously guys, which network has the widest range of polar content.

Which of those has the more diverse programming? “So fund it by general taxation, then.” Okay, but then even those without a TV will be forced to pay for it.

Given the above facts, I think the licence fee remains the “least worst” way to fund this essential public service.

Source: DS reader view: Why the BBC should keep the licence fee - Tech Feature - Digital Spy. 2014. DS reader view: Why the BBC should keep the licence fee - Tech Feature - Digital Spy. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 August 2014].

Where does all the money go?

Because the BBC is a public service, all of its spending is publicly accessible. You can pretty much probe any part of the way the BBC is run because you, the tax payer, own the service. Below is a simple chart which illustrates where all of your money goes.

Annual Report 2014

The following information is copied directly from the BBC Annual Report 2013/14.

Cost per household
A six-year licence fee settlement was agreed in 2010 which has frozen the licence fee at £145.50 until 2017.

Ongoing savings

We have saved £374million p.a. so far through our Delivering Quality First programme and are on track to achieve the full £700million p.a. savings required by 2016/17.

Public support for the licence fee
53% of the public support the licence fee as the means of funding the BBC, compared with 26% for advertising and 17% for subscription.

Monthly spend by licence fee
£12.13 per household

The above analysis corresponds to UK PSB Group content expenditure on page 122, although the costs incurred to generate other income are excluded as they are not funded from the licence fee.

BBC spend in the creative economy 2013/14
Total of £1.1bn

The cumulative impact and spending power of over 20 million television licences can deliver more than content alone. As well as in-house staff, we are able to provide work for many freelance individuals and thousands of large and small businesses across the UK – delivering sustainable benefits to digital and creative industries, as well as the wider British economy.

Arguments against the TV Licence

I regard Which? to be the authority on consumer indexing so I am going to link two articles they did in 2010 on the subject of the TV Licence. Once article was in favour of keeping the TV Licence and one article outlined points supporting the abolition of the TV Licence.

Further Reading

I’d like to point you to an essay I found while doing a little research on the TV Licence argument, a guy called Jake Gordon wrote a piece on the subject which is brilliant. Click here to give it a read.

What do you think?

This is a very heavy topic and a lot of people have very strong opinions on it. Last month when I first brought up the subject on Facebook there were many heated debates on my wall, usually ending in a stalemate.

Leave your thoughts below! All comments will be posted to Facebook (unless you uncheck the box).

Thanks for reading!