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CMS Made Simple updated to version 1.11.1
Crafty Syntax updated to version 3.3.9
dotProject updated to version 2.1.6
Drupal updated to version 7.15
MediaWiki updated to version 1.19.2
Moodle updated to version 2.3.2
Openads updated to version 2.8.9
Opencart updated to version
Open Web Analytics updated to version 1.5.4
osCommerce Shopping Cart updated to version 2.3.3
Roundcube Webmail updated to version 0.8.1
Wordpress updated to version 3.4.2
StatusNet updated to version 1.1.0
Zenphoto updated to version
mantisBT updated to version 1.2.11
PHProjeckt updated to version 6.1.4
Textpattern updated to version 4.5.1
Joomla updated to version 2.5.7

We have added the option to put domain renewals on hold, so that the domain doesn’t renew on expiry, and auto-cancels 3 days later, unless you renew it manually. This is designed to ensure that you are able to keep your domain even if you can’t make payment straight away.

You can now group your packages together to make management easier. The grouping options are in Managing Hosting Accounts, just click on some table rows, click “Group…” then select something from there. Once you have some groups you can voluntarily filter down to just those using the drop-down at the top of the page. You can use the “Ungroup” button to remove some packages from all groups.

You can now set up an FTP user to have access to all packages – or a designated group – on your account. You can do this through the “Master FTP and Multisite” page in the Control Panel.

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Squidwolf Syndicate: Confusion Illusion 1.0.1 has been deployed across the network, patch notes are available here.

Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the forum.

Because sometimes you just need to place a cup on your cat.


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Hey guys,

We are really beaten up over the downtime we had last week which is why we want to do everything we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. We have already made massive progress which regards to putting systems in-place to mitigate situations which would cause our Data Centre to go offline but we still think we can do more.

Incident Tracker

We have now deployed a “heartbeat” system which constantly monitors the health of the power systems, both main and UPS and updates our technicians if there is a problem. Main power is checked every 15 minutes and all of our Uninterruptible Power Systems are checked every hour.

The system is directly connected to the Server Heartbeat system which alerts us if there is a problem on any one of our 800 servers.

We think we should be able to know everything that goes on in our Data Centre, this new system allows us to fill in the last piece of the puzzle.

Hello everyone!

It might seen like a forgotten project but Squidwolf Minecraft is still going strong. Our loyal players may have noticed that we are no longer committing any of our resources to advertising the server, this will be changing. But before we can encourage new people to join our (massive) Minecraft server we need to make sure we can handle the volume and with next to zero lag. To that end we have spent a sizeable chunk of our development budget on new resources for Squidwolf Minecraft.

Look what we've got!

Look what we’ve got!

To the untrained eye this just looks like a pile of stuff from radioshack but to those in the know, they’ll know what this means…

Moving to SSD

Yes! Squidwolf Minecraft now runs on a Solid State Drive (512GB) which mean up to 4x read/write speeds. This is essential when you have a lot of people making changes to the game environment. To support this, we have added another 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM to the server which now totals 20GB.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 15.08.46

Files! Files everywhere!!

Not quite, but we have swapped out our ageing hard drives for enterprise-grade Seagate Constellation 2TB drives. Our oldest drive was over five years old and it wasn’t built for industrial applications, our new hard drives are guaranteed for two years and have a maximum lifespan of seven years.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 15.10.17