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Patchnotes for Elevator Sunshine 1.0.2

Fixes, Changes and Improvements


  • Fixed a bug that prevented hostile mobs from spawning in Squidwolf Minecraft.


  • Telephone support is no longer available on Bank Holidays.
  • We are reducing our support hours from 0900-2230 GMT to 0900-2130 GMT, this may decrease further in the future. Those who purchase FastTrack Support or who have 24/7 or Dedicated Support will not be affected.


  • We have completely rebuilt the Squidwolf Magazine system from the ground-up to better accommodate future patches.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Featured Images from being applied.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented new Menu Items from being added to the website.


  • We are shutting down PotionTree while we completely redesign the system.
  • We are beginning Operation: Exodus.


  • You can now view legacy YouTube videos and information related to them on the website.


  • The ESRB notice is now displayed no matter what language you have your client set to.
  • Removed the debug code accidently left in place that was creating a “memdump.txt” file.
  • Updated the descriptions of the SSL certificates to reflect the changes to the security system.
  • The volume of the background sounds in Squidwolf Minecraft has been reduced.

Account Management, Forums,, and other services will be unavailable on Thursday 26 March 2015 from 1300 GMT for deployment of Elevator Sunshine 1.0.2. During this time the majority of Squidwolf Syndicate products & services will be unavailable.

We expect all systems to be back up & running by 1500 the same day.

This downtime does not affect Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Servers, Cloud Services, or Domain Services.

Please leave your feedback in this forum thread. Patch Notes are available here.

We love our community, and we want to share in your success! Once a month we will be interviewing one member of the Squidwolf Community in a new series called Community Spotlight which will be published on Squidwolf Magazine.

First up is none other than our very own Dominic “FlyingSquidwolf” Adamson. The interview will be out on 11 April 2015.

Wales Forever!

.wales and .cymru domains allow you to establish a strong association with Wales, appeal to Welsh customers and attract customers further afield searching for Welsh products and services.

  • Stand out to Welsh customers.
  • Appeal to customers searching for Welsh products.
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  • Protect your band name in Wales.

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2015-03-16 18:57

Patch Notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.0.1

Fixes, Changes and Improvements


  • Fixed an issue with Shops on Squidwolf Minecraft in which no NPC shops were working.


  • Fixed an issue in which the old landing page for Squidwolf Secure was still accessible.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of Clan Websites.
  • Fixed an issue in which SSL would not display by default.
  • Sandbox testing of billing agreements has begun.
  • An issue with hostile mobs not spawning has been resolved.
  • This service has been cancelled pending further research.


  • Ads have been activated on Squidwolf CV Maker.
  • Ads have been activated on Squidwolf Docs.
  • Ads have been activated on Squidwolf Coupons.

Third-Party Websites

  • We are now running Ads on

As part of our commitment to better servingg members which use our design services we are introducing the BETA version of our new Squidwolf Studios website starting with Elevator Sunshine.

Over the next few updates it will become populated with information and galleries related to Web Design, Filmography, Cinematography, Photography, Technology and App Development.

Premium mailboxes can now be upgraded in 2GB increments, up to a maximum of 10GB, at a rate of £7.99 per year per increment. You can upgrade existing premium mailboxes via the Client Area.

London calling

If you are targeting a London customer base or would like to be known for their London or British products and services then .london is ideal.

Why .london is a great choice

  • Attracts customers looking for products unique to London or Britain.
  • Encourages customers to click when they see a London domain.
  • Increases advantage over competition.
  • Protects brand identity in London.
  • Carries a memorable domain address.

Customers with an affection towards our capital will be happy to know that profits will be used towards promoting London and other local projects.

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As part of our celebration of the launch of Elevator Sunshine we are giving you the opportunity to dive straight into the new markets with up to 30% off a registration of a .com domain name!

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*Plus ICANN fee of £0.12/yr. Applies to new first-year .com registrations. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. Offer expires 18 April, 2015.

As part of our continued effort to make Squidwolf Hosting the best service ever, we are pleased to announce that we are dropping the price of our VPS plans by £5 each. Not to leave our existing customers out to dry, everyone will be able to take advantage of the new prices upon renewal.

If you are curious about our VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages and want to take them out for a spin then use the offer code SUNSHINE at checkout to get £10 off your order.

As well as making our VPS packages more affordable, they are all getting a makeover. New specifications are out now for all systems, existing customers will be able to take advantage of the performance upgrades immediately.