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Gamers, you can now have software pre-installed for your Clan Hosting! Get WordPress, phpBB, Vanilla Forums, and many other community software setup for you at no extra charge.

To help save your time, we’ve released a brand new automatic 1-click install web apps feature during check out.

When ordering your new hosting package, just select the app you want and it will be automagically installed and ready to use.



Player Trading!

  • /Trade <Player> | Sends the target player an trade request (Apprentice)
  • /Trade ignore | (toggle) ignore incoming trade requests (Apprentice II)
  • /Trade accept <player> | Accept an trade request (Recruit)
  • /Trade reload | Reload trade config file (Lead Moderator)

Remember! Emeralds are physical currency!



  • Fixed an issue in which Hazel Tower at Fire Mountain was not functioning properly.
  • “General Supplies” store is now once again open.
  • Coal Blocks can now be sold at Edge Refinery.
  • Faction PowerBoosts can now be purchased from Premium Store.
  • Markers have been added to the LIVE map for easier navigation.


  • CORE-6719 (#3721) – Custom Fields incorrectly created when changing the product if field values are empty.
  • CORE-7122 (#4373) – Better handling of invalid email error condition when view Admin -> General Settings.
  • CORE-7867 (#5474) – Implement VAT MOSS report for 2015 EU Tax Rules.
  • CORE-8307 – Refine price for upgrades where the cost per month is the same.
  • CORE-8322 – Update .ke WHOIS server listings.
  • CORE-8328 – Opening ticket as Admin may incorrectly validate recipient’s email address.
  • CORE-8342 – Add missing Italian province Medio Campidano for drop down selection.
  • CORE-8346 – Contact Form shows validation error on load.
  • CORE-8348 – Properly show value of “Prevent Email Reopening” in General Setting.
    Also known as: ADDON-5942.
  • CORE-8349 – Enforce HTTPS connection for “New Version” popup.
  • CORE-8350 – Prevent error condition when performing Upgrading with configurable options as an Admin.
  • CORE-8351 – Resolve improper assignment to Smarty {$domain_days_until_nextdue}.
  • CORE-8352 – Email Template Domain Expiry Notice phrasing improvements.
  • CORE-8354 – Delete Order erroneously prevents actions for orders in ‘cancelled’ and ‘fraud’ state.
  • CORE-8365 –  Properly filter on “Client Name” for Domains, Services, Invoices, and Transactions reports.
  • CORE-8368 – Update .no WHOIS server listings.
  • CORE-8383 – Save ‘yesno’ options for modules as on/off.
  • CORE-8405 – Generate error on Transfer if domain already on tagged to the Nominet account.
  • CORE-8421 – Update .ninja WHOIS server listings.
  • CORE-8453 – Present Currency selection after VAT Moss Report is generated.
    Also known as: MODULE-6235


  • CORE-8336 – Prevent fatal error condition when opening ticket as Admin via OpenTicket API.
  • CORE-8339 – Allow additional information, such as client group id, to be available via AddClient hook.
  • CORE-8388 – Ensure number of invoices created is returned for GenInvoices API.


  • CORE-8353 – More accurate adminarea translation of ‘loading’ in Russian.
  • CORE-8382 – Add clientarea translation for Estonian.

You can now protect your web sites data using our new Premium Backup service. This will provide you with a rolling 30 day snapshot of your website, allowing you to restore from any of 30 previous backups.

To subscribe to the service you can purchase the add-on from the Client Area.

You can now upgrade shared hosting packages onto a VPS or Hybrid Server through the Reseller Control Centre. To upgrade a package, go to your Client Area.

The upgrade will migrate all of your site data, mail, SSL certificates and MySQL databases across to your new server.

At present, only upgrades to cPanel are supported, and only Linux packages may be migrated.