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Patch Notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.2.3

2015-07-15 13:00

Patch notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.2.3, released 15 July 2015


  • Issues regarding automatic ranks with the new mcMMO system have been fixed. We have disabled the ranking system temporarily, all players have permissions up to Field Marshall.
  • We have revamped to keep up-to-date with all of our projects.
  • Several new NPC player-run marketplaces have been added.
  • Database procedures have been optimised for iOS gaming.
  • Minecraft Live Map has received several optimisation updates.

Server-Side Update #1 (17 July 2015)



  • CORE-6551 (#3422) – Display user friendly error when attempting bulk domain action without selecting any domains
  • CORE-8603 – Update WHOIS Server definition for .ve TLD
  • CORE-8627 – Ensure client side form field validation allows login in order form templates
  • CORE-8629 – Ensure mysql_charset configuration setting is honored by legacy MySQL connection
  • CORE-8630 – Fix error preventing Support Ticket Clients Only Bounce email sending
  • CORE-8632 – Default MySQL connections to ‘latin1’ for better compatibility
  • CORE-8637 – Prevent erroneous error log entry when performing single sign-on request
  • CORE-8639 – Rebuild module hook cache on upgrade
  • CORE-8640 – Ensure correct calculation of asset base path in certain conditions
  • CORE-8641 – Add new hook points for pre and post invoicing generation
  • CORE-8642 – Use appropriate http scheme for loading helper image in Direct Debit module
  • CORE-8643 – New billing contact should only be created when details are changed
  • CORE-8646 – Prevent fatal error when custom template name contains disallowed characters
  • CORE-8647 – Add missing link to Export to CSV option in reports
  • CORE-8648 – Prevent fatal error when duplicating invoices
  • CORE-8649 – Active Client dropdown should auto submit on change
  • CORE-8667 – Allow spaces in Sequential Invoice Number Format
  • CORE-8668 – Optimize TLD Domains and Categories population in 6.0 upgrade
  • CORE-8670 – Admin client summary page should display an error when email sending fails
  • CORE-8673 – Add client custom fields to Boxes order form checkout step
  • CORE-8674 – Add built-in Client Data Snapshot setting to replace Fixed Invoice Data addon
  • CORE-8676 – Configurable option pricing should refresh on change of billing cycle in Modern template
  • CORE-8679 – Improve configurable options popup formatting
  • CORE-8680 – Add Configurable Options Upgrade shortcut to product view sidebar
  • CORE-8682 – Honor carbon-copy option in email template when sending email message
  • CORE-8699 – Restore client area tabs when no domains are present
  • CORE-8702 – Always use best available path for password strength checker
  • CORE-8703 – Registration page should pre-select default system country setting
  • VSIX-716 – Improve UI of Domain Reminder History when no history to display
  • VSIX-821 – Move various hardcoded text strings into translatable language files
  • VSIX-826 – Prevent SSL Warning on client area homepage
  • VSIX-834 – Knowledgebase vote for article fails when using SEO URLs
  • VSIX-843 – Fix fatal error occuring in domain sync cron under certain conditions
  • VSIX-844 – Email history in the client area should be sorted from newest to oldest
  • VSIX-846 – SSL Configuration process country selection should default to client value


  • ADDON-5950 – Project Management Addon: Improve UI of Create New Project dialog
  • ADDON-5952 – Project Management Addon: Auto fill Ticket # in Create New Project from Ticket View
  • ADDON-5953 – Addon modules with client area output/templates are being returned with extra .tpl using Windows Server
  • MODULE-6277 – Fix cPanel Login to Webmail button shown in legacy templates
  • MODULE-6281 – Quick Shortcuts displayed for all Product Types
  • VSIX-847 – Project Management Addon: Tasks with due dates should appear in calendar
  • VSIX-848 – Project Management Addon: Client Area Homepage Panel should only show when client area enabled


  • CORE-7532 (#4924) – API GetProducts: Option name not being returned correctly
  • VSIX-839 – API AddOrder: Add friendly error message return when attempting to add order to a closed client


  • CORE-8658 – Update Brazilian Portuguese Translation for 6.0
  • CORE-8660 – Update Dutch Language Translation for 6.0
  • CORE-8662 – Allow Login to cPanel/Webmail sidebar links to be translated
    Also known as: VSIX-418

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If you are affected by the situation in Greece and would like to speak to us, please open a support ticket.

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