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Awesome! We’ve just added .design domain names and are celebrating the launch with a special sale.

Until September 12, you can get a .design domain name for just £24.99/year (regular £29.99).

You’re one of the customers we thought should be first to know about .design. Try a .design domain name for your next project or grab one for a website you already own.

We’ have just launched our fully reorganised, and updated Support System – available not just to our customers, but to the general public as well. You can find it at, just click on the Client Area.

Patch Notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.3

Patch notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.3, to be released 11, August, 2015.

Need for Speed

  • The inventory service, which keeps track of the ownership and location of everything in the game, has been changed to use the new database service backend to connect and communicate with the Edge database. This will yield noticably less network I/O and memory usage than the previous system. The performance of most inventory related operations will improve, but there may be cases where performance will degrade. We fully expect a good performance gain on the whole though. The in-memory inventory storage has had a new index added which will address “The Duplicate Problem“ where performance has been degrading over time as more items are primed in local storage. Maintaining an extra index induces some overhead, but frees the server from having to search through very large sets in highly populated worlds. Degredation of searches over time is now a function of the player population at a given location and not a function of the number of items in a location as before.


Star Map

  • Several changes have been made to to the game world which include a massive overhaul to the ‘locations of worlds’ on the server. To further foster realism in the game we have removed several Embarkation Portals around the game which means players will have to cross through several worlds to transverse the massive game world.
  • All travel costs on interstellar travel have been removed, all Stargates have been repurposed.

Characters and Quests

  • Ranks have returned! Your rank is now based on your PowerLevel and will be updated automatically, prefixes are once again visible in the chat.
  • Starting with the Tutorial missions we are bringing back Missions to the game.

Hazel Tower

  • An issue with Fly mode not being properly assigned has been fixed.

Faction Mobs

  • Faction Mobs are purchasable again, your Faction will pay the purchase costs. Please note that Faction Mobs are NOT approved by SafeZone and will be attacked & destroyed if you spawn mobs in the vicinity of SED Troops.


  • The Repair skill has been removed as it serves no purpose.


  • Endaris Mandate now has a Faction economy & marketplace.


  • DragonTravel has been restored. DragonTravel apologises for any inconvenience caused to you during essential maintenance.


  • Global Spawn has been moved to February.


Premium Store

  • An issue with Premium Store which caused purchases to be issued several times has been fixed.
  • We have removed several Inner Circle category products.


  • Fixed an issue in which basic tax was charged to factionless players.
  • The maximum tax rate Factions can charge their citizens has been raised to 2,000 Sc.

Jobs & Missions

  • A Careers Faire has been opened in Flight.
  • The Basic Tutorial can now be obtained from the February Spawn Point.
  • Smelting is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Taming is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Breeding is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Milking is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Shearing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Dye is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Fishing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Brewing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Placing Lapis Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Placing Diamond Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Placing Gold Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Killing Chickens is no longer a task in the Hunter job.

Embarkation Network

  • A connection has been established to Sky.


  • Issues with the Store have been fixed, the checkout is now working correctly.


  • An issue with formatting in emails has been fixed.
  • The logo is now correctly added to invoices.


  • Players who use KiLO as their Minecraft Client will receive free HazelCredit.

Squidwolf Voice, Mail & Chat

  • A mail delivery system has been added to the game to make it easier to share items with players, and transport goods between worlds.
  • A guide has been added to our website.

Minecraft Website

  • We have launched the website.