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Patch Notes for Outlined Surface 1.1.1

Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.1.1, released Thursday, January 28, 2016.


Minecraft: Storyline Missions

  • Advanced Tutorial mission has been activated.
  • Elite Tutorial mission has been activated..

Minecraft: Trading Cards

  • 2016 trading cards are now being issued.

Minecraft: Chat

  • In-game chat system has been linked to the XMPP server in preparation for multi-game connections.


  • OS X El Capitan Update 10.11.3 has been deployed.


Account Management

  • CORE-9551 – Ensure Kayako Loginshare enforces login correctly
  • CORE-9583 – Redacted
  • CORE-9592 – Redacted
  • CORE-9521 – Prevent error on upgrade when creating UUID field


  • Many behind the scenes optimizations and fixes have been implemented.

Patch Notes for Outlined Surface 1.1

Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.1, released Thursday, january 21, 2016


Squidwolf Server Network

  • Squidwolf Server Network is now a thing of the past and are all servers are no longer associated. These frontline behemoths will retain their former names but only Edge is still associated with Squidwolf Syndicate.



  • Fixed an issue which prevented DragonTravel from chartering flights.
  • The monorail project in February is now complete, territorial claims are under a Land Lease from Polaris Empire, land is controlled by DragonTravel.
  • Fixed an issue with some SafeZone economies not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enjin Services in which the Feather Drive had an incorrect symbol.
  • Enjin points are now being awarded for interactions on the website such as commenting, participating in forums, uploading images, etc.
  • MassiveCore (Factions, FactionsTax, FactionsDynmap) have all been updated to their latest version, this update fixes a myriad of bugs plaguing the Factions system.
  • A new Job has been created which awards players for discovering new chunks.
  • The Job bonus system, aimed to stimulate the economy, has been ended.

Account Management

  • PayPal Subscriptions have been restored, making the Account Management system a nicer place to be.


  • The final references to Potion Forest have been removed across the network.

mcMMO skills

  • The skills system was reset this month in response to the server economy falling below the threshold.


  • Five new products were added to the magazine Store.

  • We have registered this domain name.