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Squidwolf Magazine

  • We have closed Squidwolf Magazine temporarily while we migrate the Store over to

Squidwolf Hosting

  • We have closed the hosting site temporarily while we migrate the product catalog over to, this does not affect customer accounts.
  • New and existing customers are still able to place new orders and administer their current services using Account Management

  • We have redesigned the website from the ground-up to consolidate all of our offerings into a simple & easy-to-use website.
  • Store will feature all of the products that were once on Squidwolf Magazine and be joined by over 100 new products.
  • Games will give you the opportunity to win our new website currency called Calamari which can be spent on products in the store above.
  • Calamari is the name for our new currency and will replace much of the functionality of MagPoints. There now the only way to purchase products from us. Calamari can be obtained in the following ways:
    • You can buy bundles of Calamari using conventional money, via PayPal.
    • Win Calamari on our games.
    • Refer your friends to and receive Calamari when they join

More Integration 

  • The account system of Squidwolf will now use OpenID for login making it possible to use one set of login credentials across all Squidwolf products.

Squidwolf Magazine relaunch

  • We are relaunching Squidwolf Magazine with a new & look and feel.
  • We will no longer be accepting reader-submitted stories for the magazine as main features, readers are still free to include their own thoughts on our content in the forums.
  • Live Blogs will now play a major role on Squidwolf Magazine covering hot events across Greater Manchester.
  • New and improved views and statistics through the magazine will indicate which stories your friends are reading.

Squidwolf Magazine – Store 

  • Over 200 new products have been added to the store covering all aspects of technology and gaming. We will now be delivering new products to you direct from top publishers such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, and Valve.


  • Our advanced Website Building system is now available at just £2.49 a month.

Squidwolf Hosting – Website Builder Plus 

  • We haven’t forgotten about Website Builder and will continue to maintain this service, we are adding some kickass new features to it Website Builder Plus uses the latest in Website Builder technology to create a dynamic and vibrant site with no technical expertise. Your site will have that custom look and feel usually created by expensive professional design agencies.

Squidwolf Studios – Search Engine Submission 

  • Optimise and submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories to help visitors and customers find you online.
  • We have four packages available ranging from £30-£180 per year, options to suit every website.
  • Submit your website to over 400 search engines 12 times a month.
  • Instructions to tell you how to optimise your website for maximum impact.
  • Customer support from Squidwolf Studios.
  • Guaranteed listing in Google.
  • Monthly reports via email.

Squidwolf Hosting – Email SMS Notifications 

  • For just £14.99 a month this feature allows you to receive emails or notification of email arrival via SMS.

Squidwolf Hosting

  • We have overhauled our main website so its easier than ever to find what you are looking for.
  • Domain-only mailboxes: Don’t need a website but want a custom email address? We now provide this service for the low price of £14.99 a year and a massive.
  • We have overhauled our knowledgebase so its easier than ever to find answers to questions.
  • Agora Shopping Cart is now available on all Shared Hosting and Squidwolf Cloud services.
  • Elgg Social Network System is now available on all Shared Hosting and Squidwolf Cloud services.
  • Reward Points: Get rewarded for paying invoices on time with this new scheme. Earn points across our platform and redeem them for account credit.
  • Email Virus Scanning: For just £20 a year our virus scanning system stops emails at the server so you never have to try and deal with them yourself. Our software automatically updates every hour so that it always knows about the latest viruses on the Internet. Each virus scanner you buy will totally protect one specified domain.
  • SquidCirrus: Our latest Squidwolf Cloud product is now making its debut.

Squidwolf Minecraft – Economy

  • Physical currency is making its debut on our server. ATMs will be rolled out across urbanised worlds.

Squidwolf Viral

  • We are entering into the viral media sharing game. Squidwolf Viral will bring you the hottest trending news, videos, photos, and gifs across the internet for you to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • No need to sign up, just login with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Get your own user profile and rack up points, be the best viral sharer you can be!
  • Like, comment, and share all content across the site.
  • Found something awesome? We may take your story and turn it into a feature on Squidwolf Magazine. You’ll earn store credit if you find awesome things.
  • Translated into five additional languages.

Squidwolf TV 

  • The internet’s first original television network is making a comeback.
  • One broadcast a week, six hours, 10 original content packages.
  • Powered by Twitch, and available on-demand via YouTube.
  • Unique gaming shows
  • Original internet content from FlyingSquidwolf.
  • Subversive political programming.
  • Interviews, talk shows, all in a format you know & trust.

Squidwolf Voice, Mail & Chat 

  • The old Squidwolf mail and mailing list system got replaced by a new and better one.

Hazel API

  • We are no longer using the Hazel API system.


  • New Region: Nerath
  • New World: Rainbow
  • New Stargate Connection: Hurricane (Theilin) <> Rainbow (Nerath)



  • Aria will now actually talk to her if you say Hi.
  • SafeZone Police will now respond to mobs nearby.
  • Edge Railways is now under the jurisdiction of DragonTravel.

Agents & Missions 

  • All tutorial missions are now active.


  • Several exploit issues have been fixed, making Squidwolf Syndicate a better place to live in for us all.

SquidNet: Chat

All members can now use the chat feature

SquidNet: Groups

All member can now use the group feature

SquidNet: Photo Albums

SquidImproved members can now enjoy the photo albums feature.

SquidNet: User Connections

SquidStandard members can now enjoy the user connections feature.

SquidNet: Classifieds

SquidImproved members can now post Ads on the Classified Section

SquidNet: Events

SquidImproved members can now create Events

SquidNet: Music

SquidImproved members can now upload music

SquidNet: Videos

SquidElite members can now upload videos

SquidNet: Ad Campaigns

SquidElite members can now request Ad Campaigns across the network.

SquidNet: Storage Quota

We have increased the storage quote for all members from 25 MB to 50 MB.

SquidNet: Friend Lists

Have a lot of contacts? You can now organise them into lists of your choosing.

SquidNet: One-Way Friendships

People can now just be a ‘fan’ of you rather than being your friend if you don’t like them that much.

SquidCraft – SquidElite added

Network Improvements

Server Optimisations

Squidwolf Syndicate is the flagship product of Potion Forest which provides the best Hosting, Marketing, and Tech Support services to its members in the UK and across the globe.

This winter we released the massive Confusion Illusion expansion. Not only was it packed with new features, but it also included a website update of gargantuan proportions. Every site, community and all navigation has been completely overhauled from start to finish, resulting in an amazing splendor of squidwolf sights. It really has to be seen to be believed – so take a look.


Virtual Private Servers

Enjoy advanced VPS hosting at an affordable price with our powerful virtual private servers. Combining the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks with our bespoke systems, we’ve created one of the UK’s most advanced virtual server platforms.

Snapshot Backups

Premium Backups takes daily backups of all the websites and databases in your Reseller Pro account without you having to worry about doing it yourself. Automatically protect against data loss and offer a new profitable service to your customers.

Dedicated Servers

Outstanding performance for even the most demanding of websites with the latest Intel & Dell technology. Our Dedicated Servers provide unparalleled server specs, unlimited bandwidth and come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


Providing essential peace of mind for both website owners and visitors, SSL certificates signify world-class data protection and increase browsing confidence for your visitors.

Give visitors the security they deserve.


Internal Switchboard Phone System for Potion Forest is crucial to not isolating customers and potential clients who would rather interact with us over the phone compared to those who are happy to use our automated support ticket system or use conventional email.

With Confusion Illusion, you’ll be able to reach us via phone.


Dogecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that enables you to easily send money online. Think of it as “the internet currency.”

Starting with Confusion Illusion you’ll be able to purchase services from us with Dogecoin.

1-click install apps

We are adding a myriad of new apps to our 1-click install library:

  • Zenphoto
  • MantisBT
  • PHPprojekt
  • Textpattern
  • CMS Made Simple
  • Crafty Syntax
  • dotProject
  • MediaWiki
  • Moodle
  • OpenAds
  • OpenCart
  • Open Web Analytics
  • Roundcube

New gTLDs

Expanding our reach into the wider world you’ll be able to register, renew, and transfer-in two new gTLDs to Squidwolf Hosting. These are:

  • .sx
  • .it


Squidwolf Server Network is now finally moving over to a completely 64-bit architecture.

SquidNet: Networks

Help our members better integrate with other users, we are expanding on the networks feature in SquidNet. Users will now also be grouped together based on what Continent they are on instead of just what Server.

SquidNet: Membership Ranks

To distinguish between ‘veteran’ members and newer members. Those who have been with us longer will be given additional privileges on the control of their account. Such as ‘Profile Styling’, ‘Blocking’ ‘Activity Feed Moderation’.

SquidNet: Friendship Verification

A widely requested feature. Members must now verify friend requests before a user appears in his or her friends list.

SquidNet: User Connections

SquidElite members can now see their relationship with another user through a stats panel which appears next to his or her profile.

SquidNet: Groups

Available to SquidElite and SquidImproved members. You can now create groups for your friends to join.

SquidNet: Chat

SquidImproved members can now use the chat feature.


SquidStandard added

Squidwolf Web FTP Service – RELEASE

The second content expansion: A feature-rich addition to the Echoing Spectrum expansion, far greater in scope than a normal patch, but shy of deserving the title of “full” expansion. This crucial release sets the stage for the subsequent chapter of evolution for Squidwolf Syndicate, currently codenamed Steve.

Project: Hazel is proud to present the next great edition of Squidwolf Syndicate: Inherit Velocity.

Squidwolf Web Hosting – Private ALPHA

Our first step towards becoming a hosting company. Buy access to the Private Alpha of Squidwolf Web Hosting for just $500 CAD and get a permanent service, forever.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

We are proud to announce the launch of ETQW on HazelNet, a full multiplayer matchmaking service is now here.


Better late than ever! We now have a dedicated support portal for our members.

Squidwolf Services Network

Never miss an important announcement again! SSN is here to provide you with the latest News, Dev Blogs, and Patch Notes; all in one place.

Squidwolf Web Proxy – Session Saving

Is your lunch break almost over? You can now login with your SquidPassport to save what you are doing on our proxy, and pick it back up at your next break or when you get home.

Online Storage Increase

It is now a permanent staple of our expansions. All of our members, including those on the free tier, are getting a storage increase.

Attachment Size Increase

You can now send Mail Attachments of up to 500MB.

SquidNet – Private BETA

Our first step towards a social network. Buy access to the Private Beta of SquidNet for just $250 CAD and get a premium service, forever.

Squidwolf Store – Public BETA

Its finally here! The public Beta of our online store. Take a look at electronics from Blue Sky, RAGE, Cyberhornets, and our own variants.

Squidwolf Web Design – Public BETA

We like to build website, so ask us to build yours. Our Public Beta service is now here.

Squidwolf Domain Registry – Public BETA

We can’t be a full web hosting company without offering domain registrations, well that is now here too!

Squidwolf WiFi – Network Submissions

We’re building something special, join us. Add a WiFi network to Squidwolf WiFi and help the Hive Mind grow.

Squidwolf IM – Multiple Domain Support

You can now enrol using any supported domain.

SquidCraft – Private BETA

Minecraft is fun, and its cool. Join the Private Beta for just $250 CAD and get lifetime perks.

Closure of Squidwolf Collaboration

To make way for future services we are retiring Squidwolf Calendars and Squidwolf Address Book, be sure to download your data to avoid deletion.

Squidwolf Nest – Private BETA

Projects are cool, add yours here! Join for $250 CAD and get permanent membership with no subscription.

Squidwolf Tech Support

You may not know but we’re experts in IT consultancy, we’re offering our expertise to you.

Invite Codes

Help us grow! Invite your friends & get permanent discounts.

Squidwolf Web FTP Service – Private ALPHA

We know not everyone has OS X, and thats why we’ve built the Squidwolf Web FTP Service. Login over FTP in your web browser, even better is joining the Private Alpha for $500 CAD to get a lifetime service.

Squidwolf Magazine Website – Private ALPHA

We know you’re sad to see the print and PDF edition go away, but we’re continuing with Squidwolf Magazine in the form of a new website. Join the service for $500 CAD and get a lifetime subscription.

Automatic Backups

Those on premium tiers can now enjoy automatic backups, at no additional cost.

The first content expansion, a new type of update from Project: Hazel that is much larger in scope than a regular patch and yet smaller than a full expansion. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Echoing Spectrum edition.

It signifies the start of our movement towards more growth and massive new services forming, it also includes the first steps to bring members closer together as a whole. Squidwolf Mail will handle larger attachment sizes, Squidwolf File Sharing leaves BETA and the first seed of our soon-to-be social network shows it’s head for the first time.

Squidwolf File Sharing – RELEASE

It’s finally here! It’s out of BETA! We are proud to bring you version 1.0 of Squidwolf File Sharing and bi-weekly content additions.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public BETA

Get in the game! Join us on ETQW with the Public BETA being open to all of our members up to Echoing Spectrum.

SquidRooms – RELEASE

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Video Streaming – Private BETA

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Web Proxy – RELEASE

If you are in school in South Wales, chances are you have heard of Squidwolf Web Proxy. Now we are making it even more awesome by opening it up to everyone.

Online Storage Increase

All members (including free members) can enjoy an increase in their online storage accounts!

Squidwolf Mail – Attachment Increase

Still using Yahoo! or Windows Live Mail? Move over to Squidwolf Mail and enjoy a huge 250 MB attachment limit!

Squidwolf Social – Private ALPHA

The Developers have seeded the first release of Squidwolf Social, our upcoming social network. Currently open to developers only or buy early access for $9.99 CAD.

Squidwolf Store – Private BETA

If you have been around since the beginning, you will have already visited the Private ALPHA test of Squidwolf Store to download the awesome Squidwolf Magazine. Now it’s in Private BETA and you can buy access for $2.49 CAD.

Squidwolf Web Design – Private BETA

So you like our previous web project we have built here & there? Get us to buy you a shiny WordPress website for you. Buy early access to this for just $4.99 CAD.

Squidwolf Image Hosting – Public BETA

Project Cancelled

Squidwolf Mail – New Search Architecture

Mail is now a lot more stable and you can search the messages on the server rather than waiting for everything to download to our computer or mobile device.

Squidwolf IM – Network Improvements

We are not quite there yet with regards to federation but it’s coming! Watch this space! In the mean time, enjoy a lot more stability on mobile devices with our network improvements.

Squidwolf New Push Notification Architecture

Paving the way for more services on jailbroken iOS devices, we have built an entire Push Notification Service.

Squidwolf Calendar Sharing

You can now share select calendars on Squidwolf iCal service with other members via our new subscription service,

Red Vortex, the latest expansion to Squidwolf Syndicate is when we make the big move out of BETA. Almost all features will be focused more on increasing stability across the network rather than on new content but we do have some nice easter eggs.

File Sharing BETA

Squidwolf File Sharing enters it’s BETA stage and opens up to our user community with over 15 GB of content.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Private BETA

We finally got there! Select users of our gaming servers can enjoy an exclusive Private BETA test of our ETQW Gaming Server.

Squidwolf Forums

Our Forums leave BETA and users can login using our new SquidPassport service.

Squidwolf Wiki

To help new members into our community, we have created a Wiki service with guides and tutorials to all of our services with further expansions to come!

SquidRooms BETA

As a tribute to the, now fallen, Chathouse website we decided to try & resurrect the uniqueness of the service. Our free Chatroom service enters BETA.

Squidwolf Webmail

It’s finally out of BETA and with full attachment, address book & calendar support.

Squidwolf Newsletters

Back in the days of Ghost Castle, we have heard that lots you enjoyed reading our comical newsletters so we have decided to resurrect this.

Squidwolf Video Streaming Private ALPHA

This project has been shelved until further notice.

Squidwolf Web Proxy BETA

It’s almost finished and just needs a little more testing but all of you can take advantage of a Web Proxy service that actually works and is free of ads. Perfect if you are at school or college and want to check out Facebook or Twitter when your computer network has a blockade of firewalls.

Squidwolf Magazine

Enjoy the first issue of our free magazine!

The first major addition focused on refining current functions along with adding Time Machine support. It also included Push Notification support for Calendars and Mail applications on Apple Devices.

Time Machine

Squidwolf Server now supports Time Machine Backups for users connected to Squidwolf WiFi networks.

Push Notification

You can now get new Email and Calendar events pushed directly out to your devices. No need to sync anymore!

New Squidwolf Server Website

Our Squidwolf Server website gets a makeover!

Change Password

‘Core Services’ allows you to login to the server you are a member of and change the password yourself. This relieves some of the load on our ’email password reset’ service…phew!

Requested: SMB

Windows users can now login to the File Server using SMB, requested by users.

Requested: Spam Filter Enhancements

We have made improvements to the Spam Filter. Some users reported that non-spam emails were getting flagged as spam, this has been fixed.

Requested: FTP Support

Squidwolf Server now features FTP login, requested by our users.

Requested: WebMail

Squidwolf Server now features a Webmail site, requested by our users.

Squidwolf Server is the forerunner of the next generation of Project: Hazel services.

On Squidwolf Server, you are free to discover your own place. Be it in the form of a huge website business adventure or just a simple way to communicate with friends and family without having to rely on Yahoo! and Windows Live ‘s insecure, spam-filled email services and constantly buggy IM systems.

Truly secure servers

Squidwolf Server is built upon a completely unique programming language. You will not find it anywhere else on the Internet.

Unique Customer Support

Squidwolf Server is built upon a completely unique programming language. You will not find it anywhere else on the Internet.

User Driven Expansions

Users of our services tell us what they want, and we build it.

Requested: Secure Jabber

Squidwolf Server now features a Secure Jabber Server, requested by our users.

Requested: Calendar Server

Squidwolf Server now features a CalDAV Server, requested by our users.

Requested: Address Book Server

Squidwolf Server now features a CardDAV Server, requested by our users.

Requested: FTP Support

Squidwolf Server now features FTP login, requested by our users.

Requested: WebMail

Squidwolf Server now features a Webmail site, requested by our users.

Requested: Domain Name Support

Squidwolf Server now allows you to bring your own domain name, requested by our users.

Requested: SSL Web

Squidwolf Server now features SSL for Websites, requested by our users.

Requested: SSL Email

Squidwolf Server now features SSL Email, requested by our users.

Requested: SSL Jabber

Squidwolf Server now features a Jabber server which as further been made secure by SSL, requested by our users.

Requested: SSL CalDAV

Squidwolf Server’s CalDAV supports SSL, requested by our users.

Requested: SSL CardDav

Squidwolf Server’s CardDAV supports SSL, requested by our users.

Requested: Squidwolf Newsletters

Back by popular demand, our comedy newsletters will be making a return in 2011, requested by our users.