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Spamhaus is currently suffering the biggest DDoS attack in the history of the internet thanks to their dick move to block the whole of Cyberbunker. Anyone who knows anything about the shady underground internet will know that Cyberbunker is the place to turn to if you want something hosted discretely and with no questions asked. Spamhaus is the largest Spam DBL (Domain Blacklist) on the internet and handles blocks for most of the top players online, they have decently added theĀ entireĀ Cyberbunker IP block to their DBL knocking off hundreds of thousands of websites. Basically if your shit is with Cyberbunker then you’ll be unable to send email to anyone outside of Cyberbunker’s IPs (except us, we hate Spamhaus and find the whole thing hilarious).

Spamhaus has 300 billion bits-per-second of good old-fashioned DDoS being fired at their doors at the moment and as a result it has had a considerable impact on the performance of the internet as a whole, particularly in the European and UK regions. As a precaution we have decided to enable ‘Blue Lockdown’. This means that anyone who doesn’t have a Premium or Polaris account with us then you won’t be able to log in until further notice. This is to stem the flow of traffic to the Squidwolf Server Network.

Your email and other things are still running fine in the background it just means that you can’t access or change anything, you’ll be able to login fine when this is all over and we can all have a good laugh at the pile of dust that will be Spamhaus tomorrow.

TROLOLOL!!!! Fly safe!

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