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Long time no dev blog…

Well, we are trying out some alternate bandwidth solutions and though I’d ask you for some help.

If you’re willing to help, then please max out your connection to our services as well as running the service and record your results. Then send them to us via email (

This would help us greatly in evaluating the effectiveness of our different download solutions based on the various regions of the world.

PH Blue Shadow

I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first, random reader on the internet?

Let’s go with the bad news:

Team BFF has been disbanded. In memory of their service to the internet, a small statue was erected in Dartmouth today, following a lengthy parade which also had cake. It’s been a fun ride and we hope you all enjoy the features the team got to make.

Now it’s time for the good news:

The teams were disbanded because the influx of developers wanting to join Project: Hazel were too many, so we decided to cancel the project. However, Team Mika is still going strong and they have no taken over the development of the Squidwolf Wiki and Squidwolf Forums. Hopefully we can introduce you to the new Wiki soon, buy right now, let’s focus on what is coming.

Echoing Spectrum 1.1 update is scheduled for deployment on saturday and the Squidwolf Annual Keynote, 2012 is going to take place on 09 June 2012. At the Keynote we will be unveiling some really awesome stuff regarding a new division of Squidwolf Syndicate. Here’s what to expect from the Keynote:

– We talk about the cool new stuff for sale on Squidwolf Store. These include Android Phones & Tablets, SD Memory Cards and Camcorders.

– We explain what the hell Squidwolf Services Network is, finally.

ALPHA Projects! Where Squidwolf Social is up to and what other cool stuff we have planned.

BETA Projects! These would be the Public BETA of ETQE as well as the now cancelled Private BETA of Squidwolf Video Streaming. Not forgetting that Squidwolf Store is still in Private BETA and so is Squidwolf Web Design. The shiny new Squidwolf Services Network is also in BETA.

Squidwolf Nest! You will just have to wait before you find out what this exciting new service/feature/thing is.

Operation: HazelEye. We announced this at the March Special Event, you get to find out where we are up to with it.

Operation: DarkNet. This has stayed quiet for too long now, we want to spill the beans on it.

The MAN Project. OMFG!!!!

Parkour Social. Wait, what? Parkour? WTF!?!?

And now for what is changing on the network.

Squidwolf IM. The chat member list can now be organised into groups and have been given some more intuitive icons.

Squidwolf Collaboration. New registrations to Squidwolf Syndicate will not be granted access to the Address Book or Calendar services.

HazelPorts. A boatload of backend updates have been applied to the network.

Newsletters. The delivery of newsletters has been suspended until further notice.

Server Location Migration. The groundwork has been laid for moving ‘Edge’ Server to a new home.

HazelGuardian. A security update has been applied fixing the vulnerabilities found in our new HTML mailing system.

Remote Desktop. A server update has been applied fixing the memory leaks encountered when administering older devices.

Main Site. The link to Squidwolf Store has now received a name change.

Squidwolf Gaming Network. Groundwork has been laid for an exciting new game to be added to the network.

– Bug Fixes.

Anyways, that’s what we have for you here. Thanks from Team BFF.


Blue Shadow

Tomorrow the first mandatory automatic patch to Red Vortex will be deployed to February.

This patch brings some immediate fixing to platform related issues and a slew of other fixes (patch notes will be available soon).

A big part of Red Vortex are the changes that have been made to the accounts system.

Some of the changes have required us to make procedures to “port” data from the current system to the new system, especially Names and Addresses. We just did an installation of a new mirror on Friday, along with running all the conversion scripts.
It would help a lot of as many members as possible verify that their information has been correctly ported.

No Revision3 isn’t ‘buying’ Project: Hazel, stop believing such shit.

Noticed a support query about adopting Project: Hazel to more operating systems. This topic has often been discussed here at the Polaris tower but it always boils down to were we should focus our efforts.

We officially support OS X which opened with Blue Light and Red Vortex introduced official support for some Linux distributions.

We have plans to officially extend support to Echoing Spectrum and even more Linux distros!

Here is a micro analysis:

  • Hardware upgrade fully tuned for maximum performance
  • Summer vacations are over (the effects of which could clearly be seen in various trends)
  • Last patch bringing performance and stability improvements
  • More of us are blogging

There is a ‘raid’ currently being planned, ’nuff said.

We are making slight changes to the credit card billing process, we are dropping Moneybookers. We will be performing more stringent checks for expired and closed credit cards. If your account becomes disabled over the next few days, it is highly likely that you have received a new credit card since you originally subscribed to Squidwolf Syndicate, but not updated your subscription information.

If you have recently received a new credit card, the best thing to do is to login to our secure account management pages and make sure that you have the most recent billing information entered.

If your account becomes disabled over the next few days without you specifically cancelling it, there is a good possibility that your billing information is in need of an update. Login to our secure account management pages to update your billing information.

Updating your credit card information will not charge your card or in any way affect your billing scheme or your next due billing date.