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When Squidwolf Magazine first came into being, Squidwolf Syndicate boasted something around 5,700 subscribers… I think. While I can’t be too sure on the numbers, but the number of active subscriptions was certainly far below the 14,000 figure that was recently announced to the world. (14,200 now. ~FibreSquirrel) I’d like to think Squidwolf Magazine has been a central part of Squidwolf’s ascension, a crutch that has allowed it to stand upright and proud, where before it was arched and withered. I’d like to think that, but in reality SquidMag was just the armpit hinge (Big toe or ankle, perhaps? ~Fibre) of the aforementioned walking aid. In any case, Squidwolf no longer needs such devices, metaphorically or otherwise and we (well, me) must search for evermore-outlandish similes in order justify SquidMag’s existence… but that is for another discussion. At the Fanfest perhaps.

Back to those 5,700…

As we all know, SquidMag #001 has been sold out for close on 10 months, and since it has, many hundreds of people have enjoyed our products, a few of whom might be interested in acquiring a copy (certainly there are plenty already who have expressed a desire to do so). The long and short of it is that we’re considering ordering a reprint of the first issue of Squidwolf’s official magazine, simply to allow those who missed out and who would like to complete their collection, the opportunity to do so.

If we do decide to reprint, we’ll make sure it won’t be a direct copy. We’ll subtly have the words ‘reprint’ on the cover, or do something else to distinguish the ‘new’ from the ‘original’. In every other respect the mag will be the same as the first, warts and all.

We are also considering venturing into physical copies of the magazines as well as retailing on the NewsStand on the iOS platform.

This plan isn’t set in stone. I’d like to hear your views on the matter – after all, some of you will have bought SquidMag for it’s collectability (Like my 10 copies! LOL ~Fibre), I’m sure. Personally I’m still hoping for a reprint of Retro Gamer #1 as I still have a gap where the first issue should be [sigh]. Sadly other magazine publishers aren’t as caring or sharing as we are 😛

Details on EON#10 to follow in a few days.

Those of you eager to take out a new subscription to SM will be pleased to know that the sales page will be up soon. You can subscribe from (or buy single issues of) mags #6, #7, #8 or #9 – bearing in mind that #9 won’t be ready for shipping until 6th August.

Rather earlier than usual, we have already marked-in much of what will fill the pages of SM #5. Fiction was a bit light last time, and whilst it meant we could fill-up with other things, we’re hoping to ramp up the stories this time around. In fact, I’m hoping to put Natori’s newest epic on the cover. Trouble is, I haven’t told Polaris of my plans. They may have other ideas…. “But we haven’t done a pink issue yet!”

Which leads me less than elegantly onto your contributions in the form of adverts and other bits. Ads are being welcomed for #9, as ever, and the rules are the same, pretty much…. Save for the fact that we have to hike up the price. Advertising revenue from #7 and #8 left us unable to cover wage expenses, leading us to take out a ‘loan’, so rather than be in the position where we have to go, cap in hand, begging money to keep the inkwells filled, it made financial sense simply to rise the advertising rates. So, rather than $30 per page, that rate is now $35 CAD. A big rise, but still peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

I think that’s it. Apologies for the creeping in of flippancy.

– T

(I don’t know about other Dev Blog authors, but I seem to spend more time trying to come up with the heading than on the blog itself. Does it show?) 

The sun is beaming through my open window and here I am, frantically trying to pull together the last strings that will bind another issue of Squidwolf Magazine. Anyway, you may like to know that the magazine will be available soon & will be bagged and ready for download on July 11th, along with a free voucher-code for some buckets of awesomeness for all current members and those who sign-in to Squidwolf Minecraft for the first time during the month of July. Although Squidwolf Store is currently unavailable we do actually have a plan for changing that and all will be made clear THIS THURSDAY!!!

Must dash,

PH Cobbler

The third issue of EON magazine seems to have gone down well and with Project: Hazel heading back from HackCon, it’s time for me to start cracking the whip on my pack of trusty freelancers and start ribbing Project: Hazel for information to fill SM nine. My aim, as ever, is to ensure the next Squidwolf Magazine is better than all that have preceeded it – combined (an increasingly difficult task, but what the hell).

If you would like to advertise us (we now have an average circulation of 300 per issue) then read my previous post to find out how.

…And so our thoughts must inevitably drift towards the third issue of Squidwolf Magazine, specifically what to print across each of those 76 silky-digital pages that currently lay like virgin snow before us. Actually we’ve pretty much decided what will be in there; a lot of content is actually well underway. DC is on the case with a new Testflight. A certain Mr Shogaatsu is penning a new tale to chill the blood (and perhaps other bodily fluids) and we have a cover feature that will feature… Wait, hang on, I’m here to talk about advertising.

So, anyway, after trying out a more traditional (in publishing terms) method of allowing you guys to place ads, where we had factions reserve ad slots via SquidMAIL, we think it best to return to the method we used prior to Iast issue, where advertisers were invited to enter their ads into a competition. We are returning to this method for a few reasons, the main one being that having a competition is fairer – since it’s open to all, not just those who got their SquidMAIL in early. It also means we can ensure a more balanced profile of ads. And it’s a lot more simpler.

So then, if you, your faction, service or ego would like to advertise in the next issue, here’s what you must do:

    • Design your ad or get someone else to do it.
    • Email a draft of your ad to before 27th Feb.
    • On (or very soon after) 27th Feb we will notify you as to whether your ad is successful. We may suggest a few changes. We may not. If we do they will invariably be minor.
    • A little bit later (around 3rd March) we will require the final drafts of all the winning ads.
  • Winners will have to pay for their ads. Yes, while it may seem strange to insist winners pay for the privilege of winning, we need the revenue to pay the freelance writers of EON. The ads in last issue were $30 CAD per page. That lot just about covered our wage bill. Since we’re not working a profit, the rates will stay the same.

The specifications for the final ad: A4 size, 300dpiCMYK with crop marks and bleed. Please submit as a hi-res print-ready PDF. If you have any techie/design questions regarding your ad, the address to pester is

Thank you for reading.

In regards to Squidwolf Magazine, if they sell out yes we may bring them back for short limited edition reruns.

Issue number six of the official Squidwolf Magazine is now available on Squidwolf Store for the usual price of $4.99 CAD.

Response to the announcement of Squidwolf Magazine has been overwhelmingly positive and more than a little invigorating. We’ve been working in secret on this project for a few months, and now that we have pages being designed and a warm glow inside from reading your comments, things are really shifting into high gear.

What I want to do here is clear up a few questions that were raised:

  • Squidwolf Magazine will be 68-pages in total, all in full colour, professionally produced by Squidwolf Syndicate, and published four times a year in English. It will be available world-wide. Availability will be limited – once we sell out of copies, that’s it!
  • All art and editorial content will be exclusive to Squidwolf Syndicate. All content will be original, likewise each feature. Rest assured that every sentence is lovingly crafted. We may raid the Project: Hazel archives from time to time, but we’ll try to ensure you get previously unseen material whenever possible.
  • Pricing will be fixed to $4.99 CAD and Subscribers will benefit from a discount.
  • And the name will always be Squidwolf Syndicate.
  • There will be proper ads in the mag, but never more than 14.

Again, thanks for all your suggestions. Keep ‘em coming.

– PH Cobbler