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Long time no blog,

The Squidwolf Events crew has been in preparation mode over the last month or so, and quite a lot of big decisions have been made. We have new experts, new magicians, new content and two whole websites to build.

Voodoo Banquet
Squidwolf Studios will be present at Voodoo Banquet. We are still looking into doing a live stream from there

If you want to find out more about this event, click here.

Squidwolf Events
Remember those huge keynotes that we would hold simultaneously in three different locations? Well we want to bring them back but on a smaller scale. This will be something which happens with Potion Forest, though. Although I am part of the planning team I won’t actually get to enjoy it when it sees the light of day.

See you at Voodoo Banquet!!

And finally….

This is the official release for Voodoo Banquet:

Dining with Masters of legerdemain

For the first time in Buckingham, fine dining garnished with close-up, table top magic, at the University’s historic, riverside Tanlaw Mill restaurant.

Combining food and fantasy, a Voodoo banquet transforms  a meal out with friends into an unforgettable whole evening experience.

Secret Cabaret finale

Enjoy your end-of-meal coffee, liqueur and After 8 mints with our spooky Halloween Secret Cabaret.

Be dazzled by a mind-bending display of paranormal phenomena to close an evening out like no other.

The Squidwolf Community is growing and as it does, so does the need for support staff. Project: Hazel has brought new GMs in from the Sirius program, now we are going to expand our search to include the Squidwolf Community.

I have to admit, we are looking for the best and most experienced players in the Squidwolf Community, so we are setting our standards high. In order for your application to be considered, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an active Minecraft account with a tenure on Squidwolf Minecraft of over 9 months;
  • Must live in either the UK, USA, Australia, or Canada;
  • Must be 17 years or older;
  • Must speak, read and write fluent English;
  • Must be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Must not have any detrimental marks on your game account or major warnings on your forum history.

Some of these requirements may be waived, but only in certain circumstances, for example, previous Moderator experience on a different title can waive some of the Squidwolf experience time or your current country of residence, but the English and game/forum conduct requirements cannot be waived.

Ok, so you meet the requirements and are probably wondering what you get out of being a Moderator. In case the camaraderie of working with the Project: Hazel Dev and Sirius teams isn’t enough, here’s what we offer:

  • Project: Hazel will teach you the basics of server moderation and administration.
  • We will provide you with discount codes for all products on Squidwolf Store.
  • When new features (and other products from Squidwolf Syndicate) arrive, you will be the first to known and receive discounts on them (sometimes free).
  • Polaris in-game items.
  • Sirius in-game items.
  • Join the Moderator faction.
  • Flattr account subscription from Project: Hazel.

Good luck!



That is all!

It’s been a couple months since my last Dev Blog, and I don’t really have anything cool like Izzy’s cool stories but I thought I’d just let you guys know that we will be at DestinCon again this year.

For those that have missed it, Polaris is in the final stages of releasing a major expansion that will be their last for Squidwolf Syndicate but will ensure the future of the network.

I will try to talk the Devs into another Diary-style Dev Blog during the event, as we had during HackCon. More information will be posted to the discussion thread and added to this blog as it comes available.

Recently, the names of two users were changed as the result of complaints filed by other users. The changes resulted in an amount of controversy, forum posts, petitions, and IRC discussion.

The name change applied to the user “squaller” was done mistakenly and will be reverted. The change was applied without consultation of Polaris in the position to make such a decision.

The name change given to “fuck” will not be reverted.

“Fuck” was encouraged to contact us for a new account name.

This decision and EULA enforcement will not be popular with members affected by the change. This is unfortunate. However, I would ask that spurious petitions, e-mails and forum posts cease. Abuses of the forums, e-mail system, support system, etc. are violations of the Terms of Service and will be dealt with accordingly.

A number of members have noticed an increase of lag over the recent weeks and an increasing number of node deaths have been occurring. Stuck queries have been on the rise and overall usability of high traffic services has suffered as a result. The forums have been disabled at random times and the account management function is no longer available.

What happened? A combination of things, but mostly, Squidwolf Syndicate has been victimized by its own success.

The server hardware that I mentioned a month or so back has been ordered. Once the equipment does arrive, it will have to be installed in the rack, some changes made to the server management software, and a period of downtime will be needed for the installation. It is our hope that this will progress smoothly. As of this moment, I do not have an ETA for the hardware, but as information becomes available, it will be passed along.

While housed on a different server, Squidwolf IM have been struck by the same malady, success. The increase in subscriptions and trial accounts means that there are more members. Load on the forums and account management services, even that nifty Video section, has increased beyond the capabilities of the server.

Once the hardware for the servers arrive and is installed, all of the issues Squidwolf Syndicate is faced with will decline.

We want Graphic Designers to make us a theme graphics design for Inherit Velocity, if you are interested then leave a comment below.

The Event Information page is now online and is your one stop location for news, updates and schedules.

We will be handling travel arrangements with departures from the following countries: Australia, Holland, Germany, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. If your country of origin is not on that list, it will be necessary to make travel arrangements to one of the departure cities.

Let’s get ready to party! HazelCon 2012 is coming! 

Most of the time, I have great enjoyment managing the volunteer program, also known as Sirius. However, there are rare occasions where being the Volunteer Manager can be a painful experience. Today was one of those occasions.

Today, a volunteer was removed from the Sirius program and his accounts were permanently banned from Squidwolf Syndicate. Information about a member of Squidwolf Syndicate were published on a public forum which is in gross violation of our ToS.

This is the most severe breach of the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement faced by the volunteer program to date. Not only was trust given by Sirius broken, but also the trust of the entire userbase and that is the reason for this Dev Blog. Those involved with the management and administration of the Sirius program want the player base to know that any misconduct by a volunteer will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible. Hopefully, if any trust of Sirus by the memberbase has been lost, this will restore that trust.