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Hi everyone,

I am the new dev in-charge of bringing in new members which would have been necessary but we stupidly didn’t anticipate how popular Red Vortex would be to the link below isn’t actually useful at all. But I thought I’d introduce myself to you guys by telling you what I’ve been working on.

 Buddy program

The purpose of the Buddy program is to enable registered users to give their buddies a free trial of Squidwolf Syndicate, something we have received many requests for. There is no limit to the number of trials you can send out, so feel free to use it at will.

As you will see the trial is only for 3 days, and really is a taste test of Squidwolf Syndicate as it takes much longer than 3 days to fully appreciate the network.

You will see increased marketing activity from Project: Hazel in the future as we now have a formal marketing department, and as always we welcome any comments and suggestions you might have that can help us spread the word.


PH Sky Captain