Omegle at Christmas

24th December 2014 by Dominic Adamson

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Bryony isn’t here at Christmas and since the office is closed from the 19th I’m taking part in the good old sport of being on Omegle, not in that way. Weirdly though, I’ve actually met some nice people on there.

What else do I spend the holidays doing? Well the Annual N00b Harvest, of course! Since this is the first Christmas with me owning a delicious copy of Grand Theft Auto V I shall be directing my efforts towards that game. In previous years I would spend N00b Harvest on Halo 3, then to Halo: Reach but sadly all the people I used to play Halo with aren’t on Xbox LIVE much these days. I am also guilty of this.

Although I miss having Bryony here for Christmas it does allow me time to have a catch-up with some internet friends, there won’t be any cuddles though.

So this time around on Omegle I started a hashtag called #DomCantSleep which caught some attention on twitter, probably because I was one of like 100 people still tweeting at 5am in the morning.

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