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Important changes to Squidwolf

So what is changing?

Squidwolf Ltd. the UK entity which provides you with your hosting services, will stop providing these services at the end of June 2018. Your services will be transferred to a new UK entity which is a subsidiary of Squidwolf Ltd called Squidwolf Hosting Ltd. We are doing this to streamline our operations to help with our growing business and to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible. In addition, Squidwolf Hosting Ltd has a vastly upgraded hosting platform and we are sure you are going to love your service even more than you do now.

All of your services will be transferred will minimal interruption. We don’t anticipate any downtime for your services, however if you do experience any loss of service during the migration we will refund you a full month of service charges + 10% for the trouble.

We are also launching a brand new company which will provide Broadband and Landline services. This company is called Squidwolf Internet Ltd and it will provide Hosting, Domain Registration, Email, Broadband, and Phone services in an all-in-one package.


Squidwolf Ltd has been GDPR-compliant since December 2017 so we didn’t bother emailing you to tell you this. We wanted to avoid clogging your email inbox up with yet another damn GDPR notification email. As we don’t email you marketing material, we don’t need you to confirm anything either.

We have updated our Privacy Policy to make it clearer about these things so be sure to take a look anyways. Here is a quick summary:

  • We’ve incorporated concepts from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We actually did this months ago.
  • We’ve added explanations for why Squidwolf processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights. We have also added a complete list of all the companies we deal with for data processing and what sort of information we share with them.

I’m confused, tl;dr

In a nutshell, your services will still be provided by us, Squidwolf. You don’t have to agree to these changes if you don’t want to, and you also have the awesome choice of adding Broadband and Phone to your existing service if you wish (we hope so! Its awesome!), that has the added benefit of only dealing with one awesome company for all of your internet things!

  • Squidwolf and all of its subsidiary companies are GDPR compliant.
  • Squidwolf now has two subsidiary companies, these are Squidwolf Hosting Ltd and Squidwolf Internet Ltd.
  • We are migrating your service to Squidwolf Hosting Ltd.
  • However, you have the choice to add Broadband and Phone to your service. If you choose this option, your hosting service and all of your domains will move to Squidwolf Internet Ltd instead.

I don’t want to change anything, I just want my stuff to work!

Awesome! The following things will happen if you aren’t interested in moving your Broadband and Phone.

  • We will cancel your PayPal or Direct Debit with Squidwolf Ltd.
  • We will move your service to Squidwolf Hosting Ltd at no cost and no interruption of service.
  • We will email you once we’ve moved your service.
  • You will need to login and set up a PayPal subscription again.
  • We won’t suspend your service or charge you late fees for three months after the move. Just in case you didn’t have time to setup a new subscription.