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After a month of hard work, we are please to debut our new website. It has been just over a year since our last major overhaul and a lot has changed over the past 12 months.

Within a year, the changes in traffic have shifted so much that as much as a third of our traffic now comes from mobile devices. So our new website has fully responsive capabilities to provide a smooth browsing experience regardless of what device you are using. Additionally, design trends have also moved on, so we wanted to update the look & feel to match.

We love our new website, let us know what you think.

We are always making an effort to evolve which comes with the promise to continuously improve our services. We’re delighted to confirm that we have have begun our upgrades to our Shared Hosting services.

Almost half of our web servers and NAS drives are being replaced to increase server power without increasing the number of sites per server. We’re also adding a boatload of new database servers, ensuring that each server only serves two server clusters instead of the current three. This means that each database server will contain fewer databases, reducing the possibility for websites to impact the performance of others.

We are also adding SSD as caches for both our NAS drives and web servers for even faster response times and performance.

Get your .club domain for just £5.99

We all want to be part of a club, now you can. Register a new .club domain for just £5.99 for the first year.

Something to please your members I’m sure!

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Hybrid by Squidwolf is here

And its waiting for you

Hybrid by Squidwolf is our take on cloud servers, specifically designed for developers who need the freedom to be creative while not compromising on performance, or price.

High-performance SSDs – Your I/O should be as fast as you need it to be.

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Picture this scenario for a moment: You run a website and have happily done so for quite some time. But its almost renewal time for your domain name but your web designer was the one who registered your domain for you and you don’t have access to your registrar’s account.

With less than 24 hours to go you frantically try to contact the web designer, who you haven’t spoken to since the beginning, and the contact details you have for them aren’t valid anymore.

What do you do? Contact your domain provider? Sure, but picture this second scenario:

Hey this is John Smith from Microsoft, we can’t login to our account. Can you email us our login details please?

Sure! No problem!

Yeah, that doesn’t sound good does it.

Unless it is your information on the registration, you will have a hard time getting back into your account.

Make sure the information is correct

The biggest support topic we deal with is people trying to get access to their accounts because the information they put on the registration is incorrect. This might seem like a really obvious thing to do but hold on just a second and make sure you are following these steps:

Make an email address just for your domain names

You probably receive a boatload of emails every day so it would be easy to miss an important email about your domain renewal. Creating an email account thats for doing nothing but handling your domain names is a really good way of making sure you never miss a renewal, and lose control of your domains.

More than one point of contact? Forwarding will be your best friend

Okay so you’re the owner but Steve is your tech guy who handles all of this jargon. Great! Make sure that new email account forwards everything to him as well.

Don’t fill in the organisation field unless you’re actually an organisation

If this field is filled in then this is the first thing we look at when verifying who to allow access back into an account if you’ve lost access for whatever reason. This is because organisational details are publicly available and easy to verify. If this is wrong or you’ve put in something funny like Starship Enterprise then this is yet another hurdle to deal with.

Make sure the contact info is actually genuine

Again this might seem obvious but putting in fake information because ‘you don’t want spam’ could mean that you don’t own anything. If you’re worried about your privacy then there are add-ons available which mask your contact information in the registry.

Problem? Don’t worry, we’re here to help

If you’ve fallen short on any of the above, you don’t need to panic. Follow these steps

Contact Support

Do this immediately because once we know there is a problem then we can get the ball rolling on a simple fix. You should open a Support Ticket or if you’ve lost access to your account for whatever reason then you can use the Contact Form and we’ll give you a call.

Automatic Renewals

By default this is turned on, but it will only work if your billing information is up to date. For added peace of mind it is worth leaving some credit in your Squidwolf Account as we will use this before attempting to debit your payment information.

The time has never been better to start working on that bacon alarm clock idea of yours. All .TECHNOLOGY domains are just £3.99 for your first year of registration.

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Offer valid until 31 August 2016.

Bitcoin payments welcome

Through our new relationship with Coinbase, we are please to accept Bitcoin payments for all purchases.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, just add your items to your cart, fill out your shipping details and choose Bitcoin as your payment method. When you submit your order, you’ll be taken to to complete your purchase.

From here, you can choose to pay directly from your bitcoin wallet by using the generated payment address or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. Or, if you have a Coinbase account, you can log in and send payment directly.

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll be returned to us for order confirmation. It’s as simple as that!

The following domains have been released and are now available to buy through Account Management:


We have now added support for the .BUILD domain name, and it is available through Account Management. .BUILD is an excellent marketing tool for professionals and businesses in the construction industry to promote their services online.