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Breathing Empire 1.0.5


  • Always attach Featured Image to status if available

Breathing Empire 1.0.4

General Fixes

  • Homebrew updated to the latest version.
  • General performance improvements

Web Fixes

  • Internet Defense League Cat Signal has been updated and activated.
  • Various crash issues have been crushed.
  • The Photon cache issue has been fixed.
  • Some memory leaks were found and plugged.
  • The Analytics reporter has been removed. It will return later after some improvements have been made.

Breathing Empire 1.0.3


  • The Google Maps feature was not working correctly so we’ve removed it.
  • Some legacy Developer profiles were being displayed incorrectly. This has been corrected.
  • An error was being generated while trying to Login via Facebook.
  • You are now able to delete your account.
  • Profile avatars could not be updated with a gif. It can now.
  • An error was being generated while you tried to edit more than one order at the same time. This now works as intended.

Breathing Empire 1.0.2


  • Added: Battlefield 1
  • Added: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Added: FIFA 17
  • Added: Counter-Strike: Source
  • Added: Hearts of Iron IV
  • Added: Diablo 3 Battlechest
  • Added: LEGO: Worlds
  • Added: Mass Effect: Andromeda [Pre-order]
  • Added: For Honor
  • Added: Homefront: The Revolution

  • AdSense is now live on selected areas of the site.
  • Added additional links into the footer area of the site.
  • It is now possible to login using Facebook.
  • It is now possible to login using Twitter.
  • It is now possible to login using Google.

Breathing Empire 1.0.1

Account Management

  • Automation is now working correctly again. Daily tasks will now execute at 8am every day.


  • now supports “Connect with WordPress”

Video Games

  • Sales of Video Games have resumed.

Game Timecodes

  • Sales of Game Timecodes have resumed.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the “About Us” section from displaying correctly.
  • The “Community” page has been restored.
  • The “Developers” link has been removed as our intranet is currently down for maintenance.
  • The “Store” page has been restored.
  • Pay via PayPal is now active.

New Products

  • Added: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Added: Conan Exiles (incl. Early Access)
  • Added: Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2
  • Added: Evolve Stage 2 (Founders Edition)
  • Added: Halo Wars 2 (PC/Xbox One)
  • Added: Husk
  • Added: Realpolitiks
  • Added: Resident Evil 7 – Biohazard
  • Added: The Sims 4 – Bundle Pack 4
  • Added: Torment: Tides of Numenera


  • User avatars should no longer be mixed up or empty, note however that it may take a while to re-render all the previously generated images.
  • Service status updates were not happening correctly in certain circumstances, this should be fixed now.

Breathing Empire 1.0

Squidwolf Magazine

  • We have closed Squidwolf Magazine temporarily while we migrate the Store over to

Squidwolf Hosting

  • We have closed the hosting site temporarily while we migrate the product catalog over to, this does not affect customer accounts.
  • New and existing customers are still able to place new orders and administer their current services using Account Management

  • We have redesigned the website from the ground-up to consolidate all of our offerings into a simple & easy-to-use website.
  • Store will feature all of the products that were once on Squidwolf Magazine and be joined by over 100 new products.
  • Games will give you the opportunity to win our new website currency called Calamari which can be spent on products in the store above.
  • Calamari is the name for our new currency and will replace much of the functionality of MagPoints. There now the only way to purchase products from us. Calamari can be obtained in the following ways:
    • You can buy bundles of Calamari using conventional money, via PayPal.
    • Win Calamari on our games.
    • Refer your friends to and receive Calamari when they join



Outlined Surface 1.1.1

Patch Notes for Outlined Surface 1.1.1

Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.1.1, released Thursday, January 28, 2016.


Minecraft: Storyline Missions

  • Advanced Tutorial mission has been activated.
  • Elite Tutorial mission has been activated..

Minecraft: Trading Cards

  • 2016 trading cards are now being issued.

Minecraft: Chat

  • In-game chat system has been linked to the XMPP server in preparation for multi-game connections.


  • OS X El Capitan Update 10.11.3 has been deployed.


Account Management

  • CORE-9551 – Ensure Kayako Loginshare enforces login correctly
  • CORE-9583 – Redacted
  • CORE-9592 – Redacted
  • CORE-9521 – Prevent error on upgrade when creating UUID field


  • Many behind the scenes optimizations and fixes have been implemented.

Outlined Surface 1.1

Patch Notes for Outlined Surface 1.1

Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.1, released Thursday, january 21, 2016


Squidwolf Server Network

  • Squidwolf Server Network is now a thing of the past and are all servers are no longer associated. These frontline behemoths will retain their former names but only Edge is still associated with Squidwolf Syndicate.



  • Fixed an issue which prevented DragonTravel from chartering flights.
  • The monorail project in February is now complete, territorial claims are under a Land Lease from Polaris Empire, land is controlled by DragonTravel.
  • Fixed an issue with some SafeZone economies not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Enjin Services in which the Feather Drive had an incorrect symbol.
  • Enjin points are now being awarded for interactions on the website such as commenting, participating in forums, uploading images, etc.
  • MassiveCore (Factions, FactionsTax, FactionsDynmap) have all been updated to their latest version, this update fixes a myriad of bugs plaguing the Factions system.
  • A new Job has been created which awards players for discovering new chunks.
  • The Job bonus system, aimed to stimulate the economy, has been ended.

Account Management

  • PayPal Subscriptions have been restored, making the Account Management system a nicer place to be.


  • The final references to Potion Forest have been removed across the network.

mcMMO skills

  • The skills system was reset this month in response to the server economy falling below the threshold.


  • Five new products were added to the magazine Store.

  • We have registered this domain name.

Outlined Surface 1.0.2

Patch notes for Outlined Surface 1.0.2

Patch notes for Dominion 1.0.2, released 13 December 2015.



  • SafeZone markets have reopened on Squidwolf Minecraft.

Minecraft – Factions

  • If a Faction had gained territory just prior to the Outlined Surface expansion the backdated Fp might not have taken effect, this has been corrected.
  • Issues with Advent Calendar have been fixed.
  • You can once again spawn Faction Mobs.

Account Management

  • All recurring payments to Potion Forest LLP via Paypal have been cancelled.


  • Outlined Surface expansions page is now live.

Magazine – Store

  • The following products have been added to the store:
    • DiRT Rally 4 (Steam)
    • Fallout 4 + Black Ops 3 Combo Pack (Steam)
    • FIFA 16 for Xbox One (Xbox Live)
    • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Steam)
    • Might & Magic: Heroes VII (Uplay)

Elevator Sunshine 1.3

Patch Notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.3

Patch notes for Elevator Sunshine 1.3, to be released 11, August, 2015.

Need for Speed

  • The inventory service, which keeps track of the ownership and location of everything in the game, has been changed to use the new database service backend to connect and communicate with the Edge database. This will yield noticably less network I/O and memory usage than the previous system. The performance of most inventory related operations will improve, but there may be cases where performance will degrade. We fully expect a good performance gain on the whole though. The in-memory inventory storage has had a new index added which will address “The Duplicate Problem“ where performance has been degrading over time as more items are primed in local storage. Maintaining an extra index induces some overhead, but frees the server from having to search through very large sets in highly populated worlds. Degredation of searches over time is now a function of the player population at a given location and not a function of the number of items in a location as before.


Star Map

  • Several changes have been made to to the game world which include a massive overhaul to the ‘locations of worlds’ on the server. To further foster realism in the game we have removed several Embarkation Portals around the game which means players will have to cross through several worlds to transverse the massive game world.
  • All travel costs on interstellar travel have been removed, all Stargates have been repurposed.

Characters and Quests

  • Ranks have returned! Your rank is now based on your PowerLevel and will be updated automatically, prefixes are once again visible in the chat.
  • Starting with the Tutorial missions we are bringing back Missions to the game.

Hazel Tower

  • An issue with Fly mode not being properly assigned has been fixed.

Faction Mobs

  • Faction Mobs are purchasable again, your Faction will pay the purchase costs. Please note that Faction Mobs are NOT approved by SafeZone and will be attacked & destroyed if you spawn mobs in the vicinity of SED Troops.


  • The Repair skill has been removed as it serves no purpose.


  • Endaris Mandate now has a Faction economy & marketplace.


  • DragonTravel has been restored. DragonTravel apologises for any inconvenience caused to you during essential maintenance.


  • Global Spawn has been moved to February.


Premium Store

  • An issue with Premium Store which caused purchases to be issued several times has been fixed.
  • We have removed several Inner Circle category products.


  • Fixed an issue in which basic tax was charged to factionless players.
  • The maximum tax rate Factions can charge their citizens has been raised to 2,000 Sc.

Jobs & Missions

  • A Careers Faire has been opened in Flight.
  • The Basic Tutorial can now be obtained from the February Spawn Point.
  • Smelting is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Taming is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Breeding is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Milking is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Shearing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Dye is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Fishing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Brewing is no longer a task in the Woodcutter job.
  • Placing Lapis Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Placing Diamond Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Placing Gold Block is no longer a task in the Builder job.
  • Killing Chickens is no longer a task in the Hunter job.

Embarkation Network

  • A connection has been established to Sky.


  • Issues with the Store have been fixed, the checkout is now working correctly.


  • An issue with formatting in emails has been fixed.
  • The logo is now correctly added to invoices.


  • Players who use KiLO as their Minecraft Client will receive free HazelCredit.

Squidwolf Voice, Mail & Chat

  • A mail delivery system has been added to the game to make it easier to share items with players, and transport goods between worlds.
  • A guide has been added to our website.

Minecraft Website

  • We have launched the website.