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3rd June 2013 by Dominic Adamson

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In the spirit of blog I’m gonna write about myself in this blog. Lately I’ve been reading the hornet forums a lot. I see a trend coming where half the threads are addressed “Cat fix that”. First I’d like to say is that I’m in fact not the only dev, I guess I’m just a bit more visible than some others. The second thing I wanted to say is that even if your thread doesn’t have a yellow bar next to it, doesn’t mean that I haven’t noticed it. I don’t reply to all the threads. Those threads I do reply to are usually because I have a very short answer to it, or I’m simply killing time but sometimes because I see something particularly interesting.

Sometimes I try not to reply to thread because the fact of the matter is that the mere presence of me in a thread contaminates it. Often after I make an appearance in a thread it gets spammed with messages expressing their love or hate for me and more often than not it gets derailed by people asking me to “fix” other stuff that they feel is broken. So you might ask your self is a strong forum presence by me really a good thing. I’d like to believe that a moderate forum spamming is the way to go.

Is this blog about forum posts, how lame 
Fine I’ll post something you care about. I guess I can tell you a bit about what I’m working on what I’m going to work on.

Lately we’ve been working on bolstering our security and resistance to DDoS attacks following the quite interesting attack which occurred this week. Lots of new load balancing goodies which has seriously put a strain on our funding.

On the horizon is the deployment of Colossus which is going to be schaaweeeeeet!

I mentioned that we’re planning to do something about more integration between Squidwolf Minecraft and the websites so I’d just like to tell you all now that YES!! YES WE ARE!!!! COOL YOUR BEANS!!!

Another rather large project we are looking into is the Web Hosting side of things since we have officially stopped supporting it on the Squidwolf Server Network. No news on this just yet but we aren’t stopping it all together although Project: Hazel is postponing any further development on that until the “hand over” is done.

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