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13th March 2013 by Purifier

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Hello miners,

As you may know, the bunnies over at Project: Hazel (don’t tell them I’m calling them that) will soon be devoting all of their resources towards Squidwolf Minecraft. We have started to prepare for that and the influx of new players which will make having just one chat channel unbearable.

So to deal with this problem we now have multiple chat channels on the server, at the moment four of these are active. These are local channel for just your area, global which is just like it is now, world, and faction.

To help new players along we will also be adding a ‘rookie’ help channel which will be available to players with ranks lower than Private II. This helps to keep new players talking to each other while keeping out older players who may want to troll them.

Most people are getting really sick of the constant new commands they have to remember so the chat channel controls will be built-in to the new interface which is driven by spout. This means all you have to do is press a button on your keyboard and then click on the channel you want to join. In the future you will be able to create your own custom channels using the same controls. Simple and yet totally awesome!

We are really digging spout at the moment and hopefully you will too!

Plans for the future? Well did I hear someone say Jabber IM!!!!

Watch this space & keep diggin’

M Purifier


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