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I just wanted to write a short dev blog on the changes EMAID have made to Squidwolf Gaming Network. Mostly because it’s my first day back after a really long summer vacation (and this day mostly gets wasted with reading emails, syncing branches, watching the Olympics catch up, and other stuff; but also because I thought you guys should know).

We’ve had some requests from a few of you on Squidwolf Gaming Network and those of you who are part of the Squidwolf Store Private BETA. The changes we’re making should benefit those people in particular but also everybody else.

First Thing!

The biggest annoyance appeared to be that addresses weren’t being read properly in the database so you would receive a message saying “no carriers available”. We are adding a job in the next patch to fix this annoyance!

Second Thing!

We are bringing ALPHA gaming to Squidwolf Gaming Network because we know some of you are dying to get in on the action of the total rumour that is Squidwolf Minecraft…

Third Thing!

Just to totally shit on your dreams, no we are not hiring new Devs.

Hope these changes will make your lives in Squidwolf Syndicate better, party on!

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