Confessions of an Engaged Girl

7th July 2013 by Persian

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Thanks to me the Band of Bloggers schedule is all out of whack (though I suspect there are other culprits too lurking around somewhere), turning Fibre Squirrel’s hair gray with worries.  But, I have an excellent excuse (yeah yeah, I know, excuses are like ***holes, everybody’s got one). You see, I got engaged and just returned from a vacation in Italy. Now, how’s THAT for an excuse? Good, eh? Eh? I hope you forgive me saying that tying the holy knot and all that seemed a wee bit more important than getting a blog out on time.

While I’m in a confessional mood I must ‘fess up to committing the Cardinal Sin in my last blog, where I managed (brilliantly, I might add) to conjure more questions than answers in the mind of my readers. This I accomplished by talking a lot while saying little. So I intend to make this blog short and sweet in the sincere hope of enlightening rather than bewildering.

Today’s topic is Horizon I. Since when you are reading this post it shouldn’t already been deployed as the network is down at the time of writing so most if not all web services are inaccessible. There is little point in me actually writing anything.

So says Persian.

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