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Hello everyone, we are having a domain clear-out this year! We have a small number of domain names which are either no longer needed by us or from dormant, suspended, or otherwise abandoned user accounts. The valuations placed on these domain names is based on traffic.

CrayonsForUnicorns.com (£250 GBP) (Increasing to £500 from 11 February)

PsychicsForUnicorns.com (£500 GBP) Available from 1 February 2014
Note: This domain is still registered to one of our users. Despite our best efforts they have failed to reply to any of our attempts for the past six months. Their registration expires on the date shown.

CriticalCreatures.com (£250 GBP) (Increasing to £500 from 11 February)

EscapeToPandora.com (£5,000 GBP) (Increasing to £10,000 from 11 February)

Hulkageddon.com (£500 GBP) (Increasing to £1,000 from 11 February)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these assets then leave a comment below or send an email to dominic@squidwolf.com

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