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Diary entry of the ugly dev, part two:

I read some rumors that Factions might get an overhaul in the feedback on my blog on Storyline, so I took up this hammer that is sometimes laying around in our office and did some research on what the frak I’m doing. Now I feel like sharing this secret information with the rest of the world.

Factions is getting crazy improvements for MIKA1, mainly because of its current crappy status, I mean … it’s just not worth much effort if you get far enough away from the spawn point or don’t like playing with others.


Yes you will be getting your own personal Faction Mobs and yes they will be awesome. As to the rumours that you will be able to get Withers to work for you, hells no. Can you imagine that?! …actually it sounds pretty awesome but sadly we don’t be doing it.

Faction Capture Points

To give you more incentives on creating and working in Factions we will be dropping some of these mysterious-sounding capture points all over the world starting with Edge. Capture these things (only at night) with your Faction buddies and you will be rewarded with boatloads of Exp. Doesn’t that just sound delightful, eh?

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