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20th November 2012 by Purifier

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Greetings Internet people!

My name is M Purifier and I have been tasked with maintaining Squidwolf Forums for the foreseeable future. To start with there is some spring (fall) cleaning that needs to be taken care of. These changes have been in the air for some time and they are something that we feel is needed to keep the Forums neat and tidy.

Login and Account Registration

As you may already have noticed we have two different types of accounts on the Forums:

Created accounts, also known as Forum accounts.

SquidPassport accounts, also known as Squidwolf Accounts.

The difference and reasoning behind the two types of accounts are detailed in an earlier DevBlog. It is now time to move on and leave the legacy Forum accounts behind and focus on the SquidPassport accounts. Therefore as of Road To SquidCraft 1.3.7 it will no longer be possible to use or register on Squidwolf Forums unless you have an active Squidwolf Syndicate account that is SquidPassport enabled.

Existing Forum accounts will still work as before. This will have no immediate effect on Forum users who don’t have a Squidwolf Account.

We are doing this as a catch-all measure to prevent automated forum account creation which is responsible for a huge 97% of all spam on the forums at present.

Simply put, it is free to get a Squidwolf Account and all new accounts that are created are automatically SquidPassport enabled so there is no excuse not to get one if you wish to use the forums.

Now that is all out in the open I’m off to finish my university coursework.

Catch Ya Later!

M Purifier

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