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14th February 2014 by Dominic Adamson

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We recently setup our own TeamSpeak 3 server we have named Squidwolf Voice. At the moment the service is in “Developer ALPHA” which means you must help fund the project tin order to gain access to the higher functions of the service. You are free to connect and interact with other users in the “lobby” but gaining access to the other channels you must help fund the project by paying £20 GBP to Potion Forest LLP. At the moment we have no automated system in-place for taking project funds, if you wish to contribute please contact a Moderator or Administrator.


TeamSpeak 3 is a voice communications (voice comms) tool for real time voice chat over the internet. This is sometimes referred to as voice over IP.

It is designed for gamers to be able to chat with each other while playing a game. This takes team-based games to a whole new level as you are bale to quickly issue orders and report incidents without having to stop and type your message.

Squidwolf Voice is offering a TeamSpeak 3 server available for public use aimed at Squidwolf Minecraft players but this is not limited to such people. Lets get you started:

This guide will over:

  • Getting the TeamSpeak software.
  • Setting up and connecting to Squidwolf Voice.

This guide is not meant to be a complete guide to using TeamSpeak. If you want more information then you should look at the FAQ section of the TeamSpeak website.

We will eventually be offering TeamSpeak servers to rent for your clan or business use.

Step 1 – Getting the Software

Visit the Download Page.

Assuming you are running a version of Microsoft Windows, you will need ‘TS3 Client’ 32 or 64-bit. TeamSpeak is completely freeware, so there is nothing to pay.

Once the software has downloaded, run the executable and follow the installation instructions. once it is installed it might be useful to place a shortcut on the desktop (if it hasn’t already) or even on the ‘Quick Launch’ bar. This is entirely up to you.

Step 2 – Setting Up and Connecting to a Server

When you start TeamSpeak client, the following window will appear:



Right now you are not connected to a server, so let’s do this now.

Click on Connections and select Connect.


In the ‘Server Address’ field enter “” as this is address of Squidwolf voice. In the ‘Nickname’ box enter a name you would like to be know as. We recommend this matches your Character ID in Minecraft to avoid confusion.

Once you have filled these in, click Connect.

You are now connected to Squidwolf Voice, congratulations! Unless you have joined the Developer ALPHA program you will only be able to talk in the lobby.

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