It’s been a wild week!

13th September 2011 by FibreSquirrel

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Lots of things have happened with Project: Hazel this week. Some mediocre, some good, some great!

STARS Shelby and I have had spotty activity with the community and our fellow Polaris members this week, but for different reasons. Earlier in the week, STARS Shelby hurt her back at home. This caused some problems as it limited the amount of time that she could spend at the keyboard. She also missed a lot of school and this isn’t good.

I attended the TorontoCon and have had limited computer access. As a result, my ability to check email and the forums has been rare. However, I sat in on some outstanding sessions, learned some new things and will hopefully bring back some positive changes.

I’d like to close this blog out with some thanks. On behalf of the staff of Project: Hazel, we thank you for all of your support.

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