Using a 3rd party program that is supposed to send out mass emails from your Squidwolf Mail account? Having trouble with your account information mysteriously being transferred to someone else? Well, then you have a keylogger on your system that needs to be removed. We recommend that you get professional help for that. You will also have to go and change your password/s immediately once your system is clean. REMEMBER THAT USING SQUIDWOLF MAIL FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS PROBLEMS LIKE THIS AND MAY RESULT IN A BAN ON YOUR ACCOUNT/S!

Please keep in mind that keyloggers are designed to log ALL keystrokes, including user names and passwords for any internet site you may visit. Bank and credit card accounts, e-mail accounts, Instant Messenger, Ebay, etc. all fall into this category.

Project: Hazel and Squidwolf Syndicate cannot be held liable for security issues caused by a user downloading an unsafe third party application.

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Hi, I'm Dom. I'm 25 years old and I live in Manchester where I make films, drink rum, and fly internet spaceships.


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