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Hello there, citizens of Squidwolf Syndicate

Banning players on Squidwolf Gaming Network for macro gaming is on the increase and this worries us.

I really do not like banning players, nor do I enjoy explaining to them why they are banned. So I want to share with you a couple of ways you can avoid being banned:

1. Don’t use Macros or other third party programs. We know what you are doing!

2. If a member of Polaris requests your attention, don’t ignore him/her. Even if you do not speak English, please respond. If we are investigating macro use, we may request that you respond either via the in-game chat or via Squidwolf IM.

Excerpt from the EULA:


A. Specifically Restricted Conduct

Your continued access to the System and license to play the Game is subject to proper conduct. Without limiting Project: Hazel’s rights to control the Game environment, and the conduct of the players within that environment, Project: Hazel prohibits the following practices that Project: Hazel has determined detract from the overall user experience of the users playing on our Gaming Servers:

(3) You may not use macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. You may not rewrite or modify the user interface or otherwise manipulate data in any way to acquire items, currency, objects, character attributes or beneficial actions not actually acquired or achieved in the Game.

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